Hair Jewellery: A Cool New Fashion Mantra

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Hair Jewellery
Hair jewellery could be your new chic avatar to sizzle this season. Originally heavy hair decoration be it with flowers or jewels was a very traditional concept. It is more often seen on queens and royals of yester years but fashion is like a wheel; what goes by comes back. So has this trend of using exclusive jewellery like bridal combs to adorn your hair returned.

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales didn't wear single piece of neck jewellery on her wedding and she could have afforded any! It shows that now we are slowly moving away from the trend of wearing heavy jewellery like necklaces and bangles. It makes all the more sense to wear jewellery elsewhere.

Here are some hairstyling tips to use hair jewellery to the best effect.

Types Of Hair Jewellery In Fashion:

1. Hair Combs: It is not just the typical bridal combs we are talking about. The fashion of wearing bejeweled combs in your hair remains till this day 'in'. If you you have made a knot or a bun in your hair then stick in just one diamond comb in the middle to dazzle. You can also make your braid look royal by sticking in a comb at the top like a pin. You can hold the front portion of your hair in a beehive and let the rest loose!

2. Golden Net: This is actually a hair decoration trend that your grandmothers probably followed. As the bun was the standard hairstyle for housewives in those days they decked it up with golden web to hold the bun in place. You can have a golden net accentuated with diamonds too if you are posh.

3. Tiara: Always fashionable on the bride and can be worn in different ways. You will see almost every high profile bride these days wear a diamond tiara or diadem. The problem with hair jewelry however is that no one other than the bride or a red carpet celebrity can carry it.

4. Bejeweled Hair Band: Wearing solid metal or gem studded hair bands for hair decoration is a new trend in Hollywood. You will see every actress starting form Emma Watson to Julia Roberts sporting a hairband like a piece of jewellery. It looks classy in a Victorian sort of way with flowing gowns and silks. It also a great way to show off your empty neckline.

5. Jeweled Hair Pins: You can find all sorts of tiny designs too to do up the hairs of those who are not the bride. Butterflies, flowers and other cute designs come attached to clips and pins these days. If you do not want to put a real flower in your hair then put a jeweled one and you can keep it forever.

Use these fashion tips for women to use the right kind of hair jewellery for yourself.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 16:01 [IST]
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