7 Fashionable Ways To Wear Boots!

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Boots out of fashion! I don't think that will ever happen. Fashion trends come and go but boots remain the mark of being hot. No matter what the latest trend you can always fit in some type of boot or the other to go with it. When it comes to women, heel boots, leather boots, canvas boots can be teamed up interesting with clothes to give you different kinds of looks.

Here are some of the most fashionable boots and ideas to wear them for the season.

7 Fashionable Boots For The Season:

1. Patent Leather Boots: Has been and will be fashionable. This is one types of boot that is evergreen and no fashion trend so far has been able to dethrone it. High leather boots and short skirts have always been the recipe for a hot chic and it continues to be so this season too. One suggestion, never wear leather boots with a leather skirt or pant, it looks cheesy.

2. Cowboy Boots: Earlier cowboy boots were worn only with rugged looking jeans for a rough girl look bit now these boots look fashionable with flowing dresses to. If you are wearing an A-line dress few inches under your knew you can team it up with brown cowboy boots. Its an uniquely discordant style.

3. Floral Print Boots: This is the real new boot trend for the season. The only complains with boots has been that they are too masculine and not suitable for the women's feet. Boots with floral prints can be worn with with a pair of tapering jeans and a sweet girlie top to go with it.

4. Fur Boots: Boots can never be made totally of fur but fur trimmed boots are fashionable for winter. In really cold places like Canada you need that extra warmth of the fur lining on top of the boot. Moreover it looks very smart with fur coats. As they are bulky wear them with skin tight pants and never with dresses or skirts.

5. Cotton Boots: For not so cold countries like India, fur boots or even suede boots are a climatic problem. For such temperate winter you can go for soft cotton boot. This type of boots have an advantage because they ware totally washable and don't make you feet sweat.

6. Sporty Boots: These boots are basically extended ankle versions of your canvas sports shoes. They also come in leather. It is a tie up shoe with the strings coming right up to the brim of the boot. You can wear bright coloured sports boots this season teamed up with jeans and sweatshirts or woolen jerseys.

7. Heel Boots: Women don't like to give up on their best friend, high heels and so the concept of heel boots for women. You can have heel boots in any material that is not soft.

Use these fashion tips for women to get the right booted look for the season.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 17:10 [IST]
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