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18 Worst Skin Care Advice You Should Steer Clear Of

The so-called 'experts' in the beauty community have loads of skincare advice for us. Whether it is on how to deal with a skin issue or how to get healthy skin, there is no shortage of advice for you, right? And with the social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram getting hyped, there are many who have their own tricks, tips and advice for you.

Unfortunately, most of these are nothing but myths. In fact, more often than not following these skincare advice can turn out to be the worst thing that you could do to your skin. But, how would you know which skincare advice is authentic and which one is false? Don't you worry! Help is here. Today, we have listed for you the worst skincare advice you might have got that you need to steer clear of.

1. If You Have Oily Skin, Keep Washing It Throughout The Day

Oily skin makes it difficult to swipe through the day looking fresh and charismatic. And when you search for ways to control oily skin, many will suggest you to keep washing it throughout the day for that fresh look. Do not do that.

Washing your face frequently will strip the must-needed moisture of your face and in turn, your skin will produce more oil to balance it out making the situation worse.

2. Don't Moisturise Your Skin If You Have Acne

Hydrated skin is happy skin. Dry skin will worsen the inflammation and irritation of the skin. So, until your dermatologist has advised you not to use a moisturiser, you never skip it. However, you do need to look for a non-comedogenic moisturiser that won't block your pores and won't cause or worsen your acne.

3. Popping The Zits Help Clearing Them Out

It is an age-old notion that popping the zit will help get rod rid of it. The truth is popping those zits can cause inflammation, irritation, infection and scarring. Your best course of action is to keep it clean, hydrated and keeping your hands off it.

4. You Don't Need To Wear Sunscreen As You Work The Entire Day Inside The Office

No, you absolutely shouldn't do that. Whether you are in your office or car, there are windows through which the sunlight peeps in. And glass doesn't guarantee protection from the UVA rays of the sun. The UVA rays of the sun can age your skin faster. So, you need to apply the sunscreen, especially one with UVA protection no matter the weather or the place.

5. Toothpaste Is The Ultimate Solution For Getting Rid Of the Zits

Put some toothpaste over the zit and it will be healed overnight. This is the skincare advice many of us have received and followed. We wouldn't recommend doing it though. While we agree that toothpaste has some antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients that are helpful, but the other ingredients present in the toothpaste can cause quite a lot of damage to your skin.

6. Adult Acne Can Be Dealt With The Same Way As Teen Acne

Young skin can endure far more harshness than mature skin. And hence, they need to be dealt with differently. Adult skin is quite dry as compared to the younger skin and thus dehydrates easily. And the acne prescription meant for the younger skin can be dry and irritating on your skin. Instead, go for a cleanser that is gentle and hydrating on the skin to tackle the acne.

7. Eating Chocolates Is The Reason Behind Your Acne

While eating excess chocolate might lead to acne, chocolate enough doesn't have the power to do it. You general unhealthy diet would most probably be the cause of your acne.

8. If You Have A Dark Complexion, You Don't Need Sunscreen

No matter your skin complexion, you need to wear sunscreen. The darker skin might take a longer time to burn or show sun damage, but it is damaged by the harsh rays of the sun. So, put on some sunscreen.

9. If You Haven't Wore Sunscreen Till Now, There Is No Use Applying It Now

It is never too late to start taking care of your skin. Even if you have never worn a sunscreen before, you can start wearing one now and protect your skin from further damage.

10. Use Anti-Ageing Creams To Get Rid Of The Wrinkles

A skincare product is yet to be created that can get rid of the wrinkles already present on your skin. The various anti-ageing products you see floating around in the market claiming to get rid of signs of skin ageing actually just hydrate the skin to make it appear refreshed and younger temporarily.

11. You Will Not Get Acne Post 30

Adult acne is a real thing. There is no defined age to be safe from acne. It can happen in your 30s, 40s and even in your 50s. So if you think you are safe from acne once you cross the age of 30, think again. The thing you can do is to keep your skin healthy and hydrated so as to keep acne at bay.

12. To Get Healthy Skin, You Need Cosmetic Products

It is a very widespread notion that to get healthy and plump skin, you need to have a routine and apply some cosmetic products on your skin. But, the fact is your skin reflects your inner health. If you eat healthily, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will have healthy and nourished skin.

13. Getting Tanned Is Good For Your Skin

It is thought that getting tanned will help with the redness and irritation caused due to acne. On the contrary, tanning can worsen your acne and cause skin irritation. Additionally, the sweating that happens when you are getting tanned might block your skin pores and further cause skin issues.

14. If You Use A Higher SPF Sunscreen, You Are Done For The Day

Higher SPF does help protect your skin in a better way but that doesn't mean it makes the protection last longer as well. Ideally, you should reapply your sunscreen every two hours and also after you swim. In any case, we don't apply as much sunscreen as is needed by the skin. So, thinking just one application is enough for the day is not a very bright idea.

15. You Can Scrub The Pigmentation Off Your Skin

Pigmentation is not an unwanted layer on the skin that you can just scrape off. So, trying to scrub it off won't work. It can, however, damage your skin. To get rid of the pigmentation, you need to look for ingredients that can lighten your skin such as lemon and honey.

16. The More You Exfoliate, The Better Your Skin Gets

Exfoliating the skin is great as it helps to get rid of the dead skin cells. The dead skin cells can clog skin pores and lead to many skin issues and it is necessary to get rid of them. But, over-exfoliating the skin would only damage it. So, do not exfoliate more than thrice a week and look for exfoliating products with fine particles that won't cut and harm your skin.

17. Bask Under The Sun Until You Tan To Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

Being too long under the sun is never a good idea. The rays of the sun are very harmful to the skin and cause skin damage like no other. We recommend you don't expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun for too long. If getting vitamin D is your concern, consult your doctor for the ways to get it and whether you need it.

18. Your Diet Has Nothing To Do With Acne

We usually associate acne with external factors, never paying heed to our diet. And you would find many who say acne doesn't depend on what you eat. But, be warned, your diet has a huge impact on your skin health. If you eat very oily or high-sugar foods, chances are you will face acne. So, eat healthy food rich in vitamins and proteins to get the skin of your dreams.

And these were the worst pieces of skin care advice that you should not pay any heed to. Were you advised any of these? Did you follow it? If yes, what was your experience with it? Do tell us in the comment section below.