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Amal Clooney Beauty Routine: Consistency Is The Key, Folks!

Is there anyone who can fault George Clooney for falling in love with Amal Clooney? She's smart, funny, and incredibly beautiful and pulls it all off so very effortlessly. Whenever we see Mrs Clooney, she always looks amazing!

With skin shining like a thousand suns, Amal prioritises skincare (duh, as one should!). Whether it's her full eyebrows or her flawless skin, these tips may not make you a big-shot actor, but they'll definitely help you look good.

Amal Clooney Beauty Routine

Amal Clooney Beauty Routine

1. Consistency is key

Unlike most celebrities who get their amazing skin from expensive laser peels and facials, Amal has a much more down-to-earth approach to skincare and swears by a consistent routine.

As you shed skin cells all day, it's imperative to have a regular skincare routine. Maintaining a good and consistent skincare routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin looking great [1].

2. Skin repair creams for a boost

A staple in Amal Clooney's skincare routine is a skin repair cream which primarily contains the following [2][3]:

Argireline: Boost collagen and elastin production with this potent peptide to smooth away lines and wrinkles

Shea butter: Known for its healing and hydrating properties, this antioxidant heals and replenishes inflamed dry skin.

Squalane: Natural squalane evens skin tone, banishes imperfections, and makes skin look younger and more radiant.

Commiphora mukul resin extract: The herbal extract improves your skin's health, including tone and texture, while fighting signs of ageing.

Amal Clooney Beauty Routine

3. Moisturiser for glowing-hydrated skin

Amal applies Charlotte's Magic Cream formulated by her go-to make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, perhaps the most important step to glowing skin. Moisturizing protects the skin's barrier from irritation. Additionally, it helps to reduce the development of dryness, or it helps you to rejuvenate your skin that has become dry.

In order to keep her skin hydrated, Amal uses a peptide-rich moisturiser twice a day [4].

4. Oil cleanser to rid the makeup

Amal Clooney also uses an oil cleanser that removes every bit of makeup so that her skin won't break out. Using an oil cleanser can remove stubborn makeup, waterproof mascara, dirt, and other skin impurities without stripping your skin's natural barrier like harsher cleansers.

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