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Got Inked? Here Are 10 Aftercare Tips For Your New Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is thrilling, isn't it? While getting the tattoo done is a big deal, taking care of the newly done tattoo is no joke. No matter how fascinated you're with getting inked, you need to know the whole ordeal about the aftercare.

Now that you finally went ahead and got yourself inked, we're here to make the healing process a bit easier for you. The healing process usually lasts for about 2 weeks and you need to be very careful during this period.

The aftercare of your tattoo ensures that your tattoo heals properly and it doesn't get infected. This article talks you through all the necessary steps that you need to take to properly care for your tattoo. Have a look!

1. Don't Remove The Bandage Until It's Time

Before you leave the tattoo shop after getting inked, the tattoo artist will apply an antibacterial ointment on your tattoo and cover it with a bandage. This bandage is supposed to protect your tattoo and your skin and is supposed to be kept on for about 3 hours. So, no matter how much tempted you are, do not remove the bandage before the time is up. It might interfere with the healing process of the newly done tattoo.

2. Clean It Gently

Now comes the time to remove the tattoo. Should you just remove the bandage and let the tattoo be? Absolutely not! After you've removed the bandage, use antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to clean the tattoo gently. Don't rub the tattoo harshly. Be gentle. Also, don't use a towel or cloth to dry your tattoo. Use a tissue or paper towel. And pat it dry, don't rub.

3. Let It Breathe

Your tattoo needs to breathe. Don't cover your tattoo again with a bandage. For a few days, you do need to be very careful with your tattoo. Ensure that your tattoo is clean and doesn't rub off against anything and be extra careful while you sleep. But let your skin breathe for it to heal properly.

4. Use Clean Hands To Touch The Tattoo

For a few days that follow, your tattoo needs to be regularly cleaned. Ensure that you clean your hands properly before you touch the tattoo and the area around it. As the skin becomes sensitive, it gets prone to infection and allergies so you need to be extra careful.

5. Don't Pick Around The Area

The healing process of a tattoo is a long and slow one. It takes around 2 weeks or more for your tattoo to heal properly. And while your tattoo is healing, you will see scabs and flakes forming on your skin. Do not pick at those scabs or flakes no matter what. It will only delay the healing process and increase the chances of it getting infected.

6. Keep The Area Clean And Dry

You need to keep your tattoo clean and dry. This means that you need to refrain from activities like swimming, taking long showers or a relaxing bath. Getting your tattoo soaked is never a good idea. The constant moisture increases the chances of infection.

7. Avoid Tight-fitting Clothes For A While

Tight-fitting clothes that constantly rub against your tattoo are a big no-no. The constant friction caused by this will hinder the healing process and make your skin even more sensitive. So, it is suggested that you avoid tight-fitting clothes for at least 2 weeks after getting the tattoo done.

8. Avoid Exposure To Sunlight

Exposing your tattooed skin to direct sunlight for a prolonged amount of time is strictly advised against. You need to protect your tattooed skin from direct sunlight for about 2 weeks after getting the tattoo done. Not only does the sun exposure harm the skin but it might also fade your tattoo. You can cover your tattoo while going out. Also apply sunscreen before stepping out.

9. Clean It Regularly

Your tattoo needs to be cleaned regularly and gently for a couple of weeks that follow. Use an antibacterial soap and lukewarm to wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day. But, remember to be gentle with your tattoo and use a paper towel or tissue to pat dry the cleaned area. While keeping the area cleaned is important, it is equally important to keep it dry.

10. Let The Tattoo Heal Properly Before You Start Workouts

Are you a gym lover? Well, getting your tattoo can put your gym on hold for at least two weeks. Yep, that's right folks! You need to refrain from any heavy physical exercise and working out in the gym for a few days after getting inked. So, keep that in mind.

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