Tips To Get That Glow For Valentine’s Day

By Riddhi Roy
Facial Massage technique for Glowing Skin | इस मसाज तकनीक से तुरंत पाऐं दमकती त्वचा | Boldsky

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we know all you ladies are super excited and nervous and wish to look your best. With our tips, you will definitely look amazing.

Good skin is the foundation of looking great. In fact, if your skincare is on point, you will not even need too much makeup to make your skin glow. So instead of spending all your money on a fancy concealer and foundation, take good care of your skin while you can!

We all know that good skin does not last forever, much as that disappoints us. So, take good care of your skin early on in life, to avoid all damage from happening too soon. After all, we don't want any lines and wrinkles before time, do we?

With Valentine's Day coming, we are sure all you lovely ladies have something big planned, whether it's a date with that special someone or just a night out with your girls. Whatever it is, we have got to make sure that our skin looks selfie ready, don't we?

Here are a few tips to prep your skin for Valentine's Day!



Make sure you are drinking at least two litres of water leading up to Valentine's week. Water helps you flush out toxins from your body, making sure all those pesky breakouts are kept at bay and that your skin glows at its best.


Try Multi-masking:

A lot of us have different skin types on different parts of our face and that makes it really difficult for us to find a face mask that would suit us. Well, you can multi mask. For example, if you have acne on your T zone, with the rest of your face being dry, you can use a purifying clay mask on your T zone, while using a honey mask on the rest of your face to hydrate it.


Facial Ubtans Are Your Reasonable Best Friends:

Facial ubtans are what brides go for. So, if you are looking for a bridal glow, you can make one for yourself at home. All you have to do is mix turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, milk and rose water for a luxurious ubtan that gives you the best glow ever.


Go For A Sleeping Mask:

Sleeping masks are fairly new to us, but they are complete game changers for your skin care. Do this the night before, to wake up to supple, soft, glowing skin by applying a thick layer of it at night and leaving it on overnight. Wash it off the next morning.


Incorporate Serums Into Your Routine:

Serums are amazing for the skin. They are used after toning but before moisturising. They have a sticky, gel-like texture. They feel a bit tacky when you put it on your skin. Give it time to dry and you'll notice that your skin just drinks up the serum, making the moisturiser go on so much smoother.


Night Creams For Bouncy, Hydrated Skin:

At nights, your skin needs a little bit extra care to repair all the damage caused during the day. Sun, pollution and stress have a huge impact on your skin. Night creams help heal your skin overnight.


Eye Creams For That Delicate Under Eye Area:

The under eye area is one of the first to start showing signs of ageing and damage. So, it is really important that you start using an eye cream as early on as you can to avoid fine lines and dryness there.


Facial Oils For That Natural Glow:

After everything is done, use a facial oil. Make sure you use a light one that is easily absorbed by the skin. Well hydrated skin means glowing skin.


Always Use A Toner:

Always, always use a toner after washing your face. A toner minimises the size of pores, gets rid of face wash residue and even makeup and dirt that the face wash could not get rid of.


Keep A Facial Mist Handy:

Keep a face mist in your bag to hydrate your skin on the go. Face mists are great even for setting your make up. On Valentine's Day, if you feel like your skin needs a pick me up, there's no need to go all out and wash it, when you can just spritz on a facial mist. It'll keep your makeup intact and make you look fresh.

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