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Refresh Your Skin This Season With The Goodness Of Orange Facial Toner!

Do you take good care of your skin? Do you go that extra mile when it comes to taking good care of your skin? If you do, you might already be using a lot of homemade and natural products that benefit your skin in a number of ways. Home remedies are always a wonderful solution to all your skin care needs as they are completely safe to use and have zero side-effects.

Speaking of home remedies, have you ever tried using fruits for skin care? If you haven't, it is time you include fruits like oranges in your skin care routine and give you skin that something extra that it needs.

Benefits Of Oranges For Skin

Packed with citrusy goodness, oranges are rich in citric acid that helps to exfoliate your skin and improve the overall skin tone and texture. Listed below are some amazing benefits of oranges and the reasons why they deserve a place in your skin care routine:

  • Treats acne, pimples, dark spots, and blemishes
  • Contain antioxidants that give you healthy and younger-looking skin
  • Gives you bright skin
  • Contains anti-ageing properties
  • Oranges can remobe blackheads as well as whiteheads
  • They serve as a great toner for skin care
  • They rejuvenate and refresh dull and tired looking skin
  • They provide a radiant glow to your skin
  • Oranges hydrate, nourish, and moisturise your skin in the best possible way

How To Make Orange Toner At Home?


  • 1 orange
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp almond oil
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tbsp glycerine

How to do

  • Peel off the orange and separate its slices, put them in a juicer grinder and grind them. Transfer the orange mixture into a small bowl and set it aside.
  • Take another bowl and add some lemon juice to it.
  • Next, add almond oil and mix both the ingredients well
  • Now add some glycerine to it and blend all the ingredients into one.
  • Lastly, take the bowl of orange juice, and hold a strainer over the other bowl and pour the orange juice into the strainer so that its juice gets strained out and mixes with the other ingredients.
  • Mix all the ingredients well. Add some water if necessary.
  • Transfer the contents of the bowl into a spray bottle and store the toner in a cool and dry place for future use.

Note: Shake the toner bottle well before use.

Do try this amazing orange toner at home and see the wonderful difference it leaves behind on your skin after prolonged use.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 16:15 [IST]
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