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Tried And Tested Tips To Make Your Shaving Last Long

How frequent do you shave? In a week, once in a month, only on birthdays? The answer to the question of frequency of shaving is entirely a personal choice. The first determinant in this is, of course, the hair growth of the individual and next how they prioritize shaving in their beauty agenda.

However, every shaving session is backed by a solid lethargicness or intentional delay. Every individual skips shaving plans until it's high on priority or a basic requirement.

The ideal remedy to this is, long-lasting shaving effects. The more a shaving session lasts, the lesser one has to do it.

shaving tips

Now for long-lasting shaving benefits, there are certain hacks. If these hacks are added in your shaving agenda, then the hair growth will be slower. This holds good for both men and women.

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To ensure that your every shaving session lasts longer and improved, here are 5 perfect hacks that you must check and follow.

Add these shaving hacks to your every shaving session and you will able to extend the gaps between your shaving sessions. Take a look.

Hot Water Bath

Usually before shaving, one wets the area they are about to shave. The shaving hack here is, use hot water to dampen your to-be-shaved area. Hot water opens the hair follicles of your skin, making it easy to sweep the hair in it. Also, as the hair follicles are soft, the shaving becomes easy after a hot water compress. The easiest way to do this is, washing the to-be-shaved area with hot water right before shaving.

Choose The Right Equipment And Products

The longevity of your shaving is highly determinant on the razor or shaving creams you use. Going for cheap ones can react on your skin and the problem may get gross. Therefore, pick shaving products that you are confident on using or have used before. In case of buying the shaving products, you can also go by the best brand names. Until you have the right equipment and products, your shaving wouldn't end in a good feeling.

Use A Fresh Blade Each Time

There is often a tendency to repeat using the same blade for consecutive shaving sessions. This is wrong. For every shaving session, men and women should use a new blade along with the razor. The sharpness of new blades is more, which results in deep extraction of body hair. However, be slow and gentle while using a new blade to avoid wounds and cuts.

Do Not Force Or Be In A Rush

When shaving, sharp equipment like razors or blades are in close proximity to your body. Thus, you should have ample time, be relaxed and be careful about each stroke of it on your body. In case you rush or try to ace the shaving process, the outcome might be really bad for your skin. Hence, when planning to shave, first reserve enough time in hand with the right ingredients and then start the process.

Use Coconut Oil As An After-shave Fluid

After shaving, the body remains sensitive and it is important to use a fluid to calm it down. Than using mass-marketed after-shave lotions, it's highly recommended to use coconut oil. Simple lukewarm coconut oil massage can soothe the area. Let the oil be on your skin and be absorbed, as it acts as a relaxant.

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    Story first published: Monday, August 7, 2017, 11:19 [IST]
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