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Home Remedies For Pimples That Can Be Tried On Any Skin Type

Women often crib that it's their oily skin that is popping pimples, or dry skin leading to zits and even combination skin resulting in pimples only on the T-zone, and so on.

Dear ladies! Calm down, pimples on skin is a universal problem that has too many ways to be tackled. From hitting the dermatologist to going by mamma's beauty secrets - it's on you to decide which method is the best for your skin.

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Pimple treatment, of course, varies on different skin types. Yet there exist some pimple remedies that work on all skin types universally. Wherever you are located on the planet, these pimple remedies can be tried right at home if you have all the right required ingredients.

Without further tension or concern over pimples, here is an array of remedies that you can start experimenting with. These ten pimple remedies work on all skin types and the methods can be started at home.

Before starting, try each of these pimple remedies, if by any chance it reacts or does not yield you result - then discontinue the process. Also, always remember these pimple remedies take time to show their result.


Eye Drop

Than boggling your eyes, just try this. Well, you have to use any generic eye clear drop right on the pimple. Eye drops instantly stops the redness or irritation on the pimples and soothes the skin. There is no limit to the number of times you would want to apply the eye drop. However, eye drop is little risky to apply if you are having an open pimple or zit on the skin. For blind pimples that lead to redness and inflammation, do use an eye drop as a constructive remedy.


Neem Paste

Very simple pimple remedy that suits all skin types and can be opted in any age is, neem. Take fresh neem leaves, add water, blend to a paste and apply on the pimple. Alternatively, boiling neem leaves in water and then a bath also works. We leave it to you to pick your convenient neem-based pimple remedy. But this definitely calms the pimple-prone skin and cuts count on future growth of pimples.


Rubbing Alcohol

An effective remedy for pimples is using rubbing alcohol. Dab rubbing alcohol in a cotton pad and apply this on your pimple. You can keep repeating this up to three times in a day for your pimple to vanish fast. Rubbing alcohol is also called benzoyl peroxide or isopropyl alcohol. It works as an antiseptic on the affected skin area or pimple. It kills the bacteria or live germs of the pimple, gifting you clear skin in one, two days of use.


Basil And Sandalwood Mask

If you want to spend little extra time on the pimples, then here is the first pimple recipe that you can prepare. It is a simple pimple remedy that needs only two ingredients - basil and sandalwood. Dry the basil leaves and blend to a powder. Mix the basil powder, sandalwood powder with water. For added affection to your skin, you can use rose water as well. Apply this mask, twice in a day, on your pimple-prone zone and you will surely be relieved by the end.


Chamomile Tea

Coming to chamomile tea, you have to just take tea liquor. This is a single-ingredient pimple remedy that caters to all skin types. Apply chamomile tea liquor (cold) on the pimple using cotton pads. Please prepare fresh chamomile tea for every time you plan to go for this home pimple remedy. Also by mistake do not apply hot chamomile tea liquor. You can cool it by putting it in the fridge for a while before use. Let the chamomile tea-soaked cotton pad be on your pimple for long and work on it.


Fuller's Earth, Camphor, And Rose Water

Little extensive to look at and prepare, this is a much-trusted pimple remedy used by generations and caters to all skin types. You have to mix Fuller's earth (multani mitti) with camphor powder and dilute this with rose water. Make a thick mix of the three ingredients and coat your pimples with it. When dry, do wash with cold water. You can call this a mask that calms the pimple region and puts a check on your pimple growth. You can prepare this and store in the fridge.


Nutmeg Powder And Milk

Make a thick paste of the two ingredients - nutmeg powder and milk. Coat this over the pimples and spread on your pimple-affected area. Let this dry and be on your skin. You can wash off with cold water. The nutmeg powder and milk pimple remedy can rest on your pimple all night as well.



Other than neem, the next leaf that can provide relief to your pimple problem is peppermint. You have to take fresh peppermint leaves. Add water to it. Make a green-coloured peppermint paste. Apply the peppermint paste on the pimple and wait for it dry. Wash off with cold water. Every time you plan to go for this, use fresh peppermint leaves only. Also, the peppermint paste must be thick in texture and not very liquid like.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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