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5 Very Simple Tips For Face (Only For Men) To Follow Every Day

Exactly like women, men also need to take care of their face. However, often men find spending time on the face to be a very time consuming procedure and often neglect it. It is again the same men who go crazy when a single pimple or boil appears on the face.

Well, face care is not a one-day process, where you all of a sudden pamper your face when it reacts. Face care is an everyday process that every man must follow in order to maintain a glowing, healthy skin.

Healthy everyday face care limits the scope of reactions and rashes on the face, thereby providing it with the right kind of nutrients and nourishment.

Dear men, check out on these tips that you must follow every day, such that it gives a lasting impression on the first go.


Pick The Right Face Care Products

Men can use a variety of face products like a cleanser, scrubber, moisturizer and so on. However, most of these products contain toxic elements like alcohol, dyes or fragrances. Thus, men should pick face products that do not consist of the above. Two of the must-not-use face products for men is an after-shave, as it's high on fragrances, and second is a foam-based shaving cream, as it dries out the outer layer of the skin. To sum up, men should pick face products that are devoid of toxic elements and try to avoid an after shave and shaving cream.


Limit To Men's Face Care Only

Men often have a tendency to use the cosmetics of women like creams, toners or moisturizers. This affects the skin over time. For everyday use, men should opt for cosmetics that cater to the need of their skin and are composed in that way. Those who use women-based products, may face adverse skin reactions and allergies.


A Wash Of Glycolic Acid

Men who follow a good hygiene, usually wash their face during bedtime and in the morning. That's a good face routine for men. Instead of just plain water, glycolic acid could also be used, as it is considered a healthier option. If you are skeptical about the direct application of glycolic acid on skin, then you can always opt for a glycolic acid-based face cleanser.


Demark Between Your Face And Skin

What your face requires is not needed for your skin and vice versa. Men's body lotion can clog the pores of a man's face. The ideal remedy is, limiting to a face cream or moisturizer till the neck. Using a body lotion for the rest. Those men who expect one cream or lotion to function all over are definitely on the wrong track.


Keep The Face Moistened

No matter how much you wash your face or apply a face cream, your face might still seem very dry and rough. That is because the face is not getting enough moisture that it requires. Implying your way of applying the moisturizer on the face is wrong. Here, the hack is, apply cream on little wet face, as that makes the moisturizing process longer. If you simply wash your face or apply a moisturizer on dry face, then your expectations might not get fulfilled.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 3, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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