Different Ways To Use Oil In Beauty Routine

By Shabana

Oils have long been used in our society for various reasons. They are a nature's gift to us. Some oils are used for cooking. However, a few oils are used for their beauty benefits.

Women use oils essentially for their hair. Coconut oil, almond oil and olive oils are known to strengthen our hair, make them thick and resilient to damage. Some oils are used on our body as well. Oils have amazing moisturizing properties that replenish the lost moisture in our skin and hair.

Oils have a host of other beauty benefits. What makes oils more potent than our regular creams is that they are light and easily absorbed by our skin. They penetrate into deeper layers of the epidermis, providing maximum benefits to us.

using oil for daily beauty routine

Apart from the usual benefits, oils can be used in other surprising ways in our beauty routine. Did you know that oils can be used as a sunscreen as well? That's right!

There are a host of different essential oils that provide different benefits to us. Read on to know more about the surprising ways in which oils can be included in our beauty care routine.

1) As A Facial Cleanser:

Never thought about oil being used for cleansing is it? Well, apparently oil can help clean dirt from our face. Massage grape seed or jojoba oil on the skin in circular motions and wipe it off with a clean cotton pad. Your skin will appear sparkly clean and surprisingly oil free. This method is also very effective in removing makeup as well.

2) As A Sunscreen:

Carrot seed oil or soya bean oil is very effective in providing to our skin the much-needed protection from the sun. These oils create a barrier on the skin, which is impenetrable by the harmful sun's rays.

3) As A Cuticle Oil:

Olive oil strengthens the nail cuticles and gives them a natural shine. Constant usage of nail polish and nail polish removers dry out the cuticles. Soaking them in some olive oil will make them resilient to breakage.

4) As A Body Scrub:

Oils can be used as moisturizing scrubs as well. Almond oil or coconut oil can be used along with Epsom salts or oats to make a brilliant yet effective body scrub. These not only exfoliate the skin, but also moisturise it effectively.

5) As In A Leave-in Hair Conditioner:

Oils such as olive and castor oils are a great way to lock in the moisture of the hair after shampooing. Mix them in equal quantities in a spray bottle and spray it onto the hair. Comb to distribute across the hair. You don't have to use a serum, as it will provide both shine and help get rid of the frizz.

6) As A Lip Gloss:

Essential oils like lavender oil or grape seed oil are great lip moisturizers. But when applied on a lipstick, they give that natural dewy and ‘bitten-lip' effect on the lips, which is amazing. They also make your lips turn soft overtime. Moreover, using natural ingredients rather than the chemically manufactured ones is always much better.

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    Story first published: Saturday, September 2, 2017, 10:00 [IST]
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