7 Types Of Fruit Peels And Their Masks For Skin

By: Rima Chowdhury

Fruit peel is a source of proteins and vitamins that benefit your skin in several ways. It helps to give you a radiant as well as glowing complexion easily. With fruit peels being so beneficial, you could also use the same in preparing different fruit peel masks for skin.

Due to a lot of nutrients available in the fruit peels, these can help to give long-lasting positive benefits on the skin. From banana to peer and pomegranate, all these fruit peels are extremely beneficial for your skin.

So, here's presenting the 7 different types of fruit peels and their masks for younger, brighter and softer skin!


1. Banana Peel

Banana peel is one among the common fruit peels that can help to benefit your skin in several ways. Due to a large amount of vitamins and proteins present in the banana peel, it can do wonders for your complexion and also treat several skin problems. You can try rubbing a banana peel on your skin twice a day to notice radiant and glowing skin.

Also, banana peel can be dried under the sun, ground into a powder, mixed with yogurt and then used as a face mask. Try this mask weekly twice to notice effective results.


2. Pomegranate Peel

Pomegranate peel contains natural exfoliating properties that help to balance the pH value on the skin and also remove the dead skin cells easily. Using a pomegranate peel on the face helps to shrink the size of enlarged pores and also give you a fair and glowing skin.

Take some pomegranate peels and dry them under the sun. Grind them to make a powder. Now take two spoons of yogurt, add one spoon of pomegranate peel powder and one spoon of lemon. Mix them together to make a paste. Apply on the face and scrub for some time. Wash off with cold water.


3. Pear Peel

Using peer peel can help to give you clear and glowing skin. Due to the rich fibre content found in peer peel, it can help to promote collagen production on the skin. It also helps to prevent an appearance of acne and blemishes on the face. The best way to use the peel of pear is to boil it in water and use this water on your skin once the water has cooled down.

Pear water can be used as a toner, as it helps to treat hyperpigmented skin. Take pear peel and soak it in milk for 2 hours. Now grind this to get a paste. Add one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon to it. Apply on the face and wash off with water.


4. Orange Peel

The powder of orange peel is the most effective remedy to treat various kinds of skin problems. Orange peel contains natural skin-whitening properties that helps to brighten and lighten your skin naturally.

You can use orange peel directly to exfoliate your skin and also in powdered form; it can work effectively on skin. Use can mix orange peel powder with milk cream, milk or yogurt and massage your face with this. This will help to give you younger-looking skin.


5. Apple Peel

Due to natural skin-whitening properties found in apple peel, it can help to give you a radiant and glowing skin. For best results, take some apple peel and allow it to boil in water. Now collect this water and use it as a toner for your skin. Also due to the presence of antioxidants in apple, it can help to prevent sun damage on the skin. Take some apple peel powder and mix it with oats and yogurt. Apply this on your face and massage for 20 minutes. Wash off with water.


6. Lemon Peel

Lemon juice is excellent for skin and so is lemon peel. Using lemon peel on skin helps to promote skin whitening. Most of the women prefer rubbing the lemon peel on the skin as a lot of antioxidants present in it help to prevent the development of acne and pimples on the skin.

Rubbing with lemon peel will help to exfoliate your skin and also prevent breakout. Take some lemon peel powder and mix it with two spoons of pomegranate peel powder and one spoon of cinnamon powder. Add some milk and mix together. Apply this on your face and wash off with water.


7. Papaya Peel

Papaya is not only good for your health, but it proves to be extremely effective for the skin as well. Using papaya peel can help to boost the production of collagen, thus giving you healthy and glowing skin.

Take some papaya peel and scrub your face with this. You can also use papaya peel mask to rejuvenate your dull and dry skin. Take papaya peel and grind it to make a paste. Add some aloe vera gel to the papaya peel paste and apply this on your face. Wash off with cold water.

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Story first published: Friday, April 14, 2017, 15:27 [IST]
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