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Tips To Make Perfume Last Longer

By Rima Chowdhury

I always find myself questioning why does a perfume not last longer. Do you feel the same? Usually, the perfume seems to last only for a few minutes and that is exactly not what we want.

No matter how much you spend on purchasing a good pigeonholed perfume, it ends up evaporating completely after a few hours.

It can seem irritating; however, with few tips on how to make your perfume last longer, you can definitely make the perfume stay longer.

A perfume is rich in alcohol, which tends to get evaporated if not applied in the proper way. There are few tried and tested steps that can help you achieve a long-lasting perfume feel.

If you are a person obsessed with looking good and presentable, you will always want the fragrance of a perfume to linger on and make sure it makes you smell good and fresh all day long.

If you have tried enough tricks to make your perfume last longer and failed, have a look below at these tips that will make your perfume last longer.


1. Storage

If you want your perfume to last longer, make sure that you store perfumes away from heat and dark places. It is said that extreme light or heat can breakdown the chemical in the perfume, which also destroys its quality. Instead, you should prefer storing your perfume in a cool and dry place, which is away from heat and sun rays. Avoid keeping the perfume bottles in bathrooms as well.


2. Use of Petroleum Jelly

If you want your favourite scent to linger on for longer, make sure you are using petroleum jelly before applying the perfume. Petroleum jelly is one among those ingredients that helps to hold the perfume on the skin for a longer period of time.


3. Apply Perfume Before Wearing A Dress

One of the biggest mistakes we all tend to do is apply perfume after wearing our dress may be because we want our dress to smell great. The real method includes applying perfume before wearing the dress and soon after you take your bath. This will not only help to make your perfume last longer but will also avoid your dress or jewellery from getting destroyed.


4. Avoid Rubbing Your Wrist

You should not rub your wrist against each other, as this will allow the perfume to disappear soon. Rubbing your wrist after applying perfumes forces the base note to lose its fragrance.


5. Apply On The Pulse Points

Make sure you spray perfume to the pulse points, in order to make your perfume last longer. You should squirt perfume behind the ears, in the middle of the throat and on both the wrists. Pulse point activates the alcohol in the perfume, which allows it to stay longer. Apart from this, spraying perfume on your calves and ankles will make it loiter for longer.


6. Spray Perfume On Your Hairbrush

Not only the body, but many women want their hair to smell great. All you need to do is to spray some perfume on your hairbrush and run it all over your hair. This is a really good trick that will help to make your perfume last longer and you won't need to reapply it again.


7. Trick For Lighter Spray To Last Longer

Many people think layering can help your perfume to last longer, which is true but only for certain times. If you want to smell mild and good, layering of perfume is not an option here. You need to spray the fragrance lightly in the air and move towards the same direction. When you spray perfume in the air, it distributes the fragrance that comes in contact with your skin.


8. In Moisturiser

You can pour the last bit of your fragrance into the bottle of lotion or hair gel and apply it on to your body. Moisturiser and perfume go hand in hand and will also help to make your perfume last longer.


9. Layering Of Perfume

The layering of perfume can surely help to make you smell fresh all day long. A combination of body wash, body mist and perfume can go well together. Many people end up in spraying 2-3 different types of perfumes, belonging to diverse brands, thus resulting in bad odour.


10. Moisturise

If not petroleum jelly, you should properly moisturise your skin because perfume does not last longer on dry skin. Many people feel oily skin is the worst type of skin, but if you want the perfume to last longer, it prefers only oily skin. Prefer using a moisturiser that has the same base note.

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