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7 Tips To Keep Your Face Free From Pimples


Well, if you want to get rid of pimples and have a flawless-looking skin, we give you some of the darkest and deepest secrets on how to keep your face pimple free and beautiful.

The main cause of pimples is the food that you eat, which is thrown out on the face, the hairstyle you have if it touches your face, and also it could also be due to the changing weather.

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Beauty experts say that if you look after your skin with care, by nourishing it with water and natural ingredients, you will not develop even a pimple or any skin problem.

By using regular face masks and making the best use of ancient ingredients like Chandan and Multani mitti, your skin will also give out a natural glow.

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So, wait no more, take a look at these amazing tips to keep your face free from pimples. We think that you should follow these tips in summer, if you don't want the weather to change your beautiful looks:


Avoid The Soap:

Instead of using soap on your face, it is best to try out herbal and natural ingredients that will do good for your skin. Multani mitti is the best soap to use on your skin every day to gain a flawless look.


Apply A Toner Every Night:

Cleanse your face with a toner every night before you go to bed. The toner will cleanse your skin from deep within and make you feel refreshed and beautiful.


The Toothpaste Trick:

As soon as you spot that ugly zit without a head or a blind pimple, dab a little toothpaste over it. This home remedy will dry the pimple, making it to disappear.


Fall In Love With Water:

If you want to have a beautiful and flawless-looking skin this summer, you need to fall in love with water. Rinse your face thrice in a day without using soap. The cool water will help to brighten your skin and, at the same time, it will cleanse your pores, removing the dirt and grime responsible for acne.


Get Pampered With Fruits:

Fall in love with water-based fruits this season, as it will benefit your skin. If you begin to develop pimples, quickly treat your face to a fruit facial. The properties present in the fruit will open up your pores and get rid of the pimple.


Turn To Face Masks:

Face masks should be applied on your face at least thrice in a month if you want to look after your skin with care. Always turn to home and natural ingredients to pamper your skin and improve on your complexion and quality.


Heard Of Chandan?:

Chandan or sandalwood is an ancient remedy that you can apply on your skin every day. Sandalwood is applied as a face mask and left for 10 minutes before rinsing off with rose water. Sandalwood aids in preventing pimples and, at the same time, it also gets rid of the previous pimple scars.

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