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Skin Care Tips Before Holi Celebration

By: Debdatta Mazumder

The countdown for Holi has begun. Holi is a unique festival of this country, where people play with colours and those colours are the symbols of love, affection, friendship and blessing. Each and every corner of India celebrates Holi differently.

However, make sure the happiness of such festivals doesn’t turn into any inconvenience. There are lots of people who don’t want to play colours, as they think their skin will be damaged by a lot of colours. Now, that is also true.

You can’t differentiate between herbal colours and synthetic colours. And these synthetic colours are responsible for skin rashes, irritation, redness and allergies.

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Every year people go to skin specialists with skin problems after playing Holi. So, if you follow certain skin care tips before the celebration, you can enjoy the festival to its maximum.

So, how to protect our skin for the Holi celebration? With simple skin care tips before Holi celebration, you can keep skin problems at bay.

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Precaution is always better than prevention. But, if you’ve allergies from colours, stay away. Enjoy your Holi with colourful foods instead.

Otherwise, the little tingling effects, rashes, etc, can be treated with these easy skin care tips that you can use before Holi celebration. Here are the ways how you can protect your skin before Holi celebration, have a look:


1. Wear Covered Clothes:

You must have brought out your old clothes to play Holi. Check out if those cover your maximum body parts. Wear dresses with Chinese neckline and full or three-quarter sleeves.


2. Apply Coconut Oil:

Do you know how to protect your skin for Holi celebration? Actually, Holi colours make your skin dry and rough. Apply coconut oil all over your body. Don't forget to apply it on your hair. This will make your skin slippery and colours won't sit on your skin for a long time.


3. Petroleum Jelly Will Do:

If you don't want the odour of coconut or mustard oil, smear your body with petroleum jelly. This doesn't have an irritating odour, but will serve equally good as the oils. You can try olive oil too.


4. Apply Sunscreen:

Coat your skin with sunscreen that contains SPF15 or more. You can't play Holi inside your house. So, the Spring Sun can make your skin get tanned as well. Besides, the harsh colours can aggravate your problem further. You can't go out without sunscreen.


5. Apply Lip Gel:

While playing Holi, it is obvious that your whole body will be coloured. To prevent chapped lips and further bleeding, apply lip gel well, so that the colours don't affect your lips and destroy the natural moisture of your lips.


6. Keep Yourself Well Hydrated:

Skin care tips before Holi celebration also includes this one important tip. Playing Holi under the scorching Sun dehydrates your body. It is very important to keep yourself energetic to enjoy the spirit of the festival. Keep drinking glucose water to keep your skin and your whole body hydrated.


7. Apply Vaseline:

Body parts like behind the ear, navel, around your eyes and eyelashes must be smeared with Vaseline. These parts are delicate and tricky to clean after playing Holi. If you apply Vaseline, you can wash these areas easily with cotton swabs later.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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