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7 Tips By Skin Care Experts That You Should Follow

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When we look at those celebs with flawless complexions in fashion magazines and films, we often wonder how they attain such an amazing skin.

Well, although photo editing hacks and makeup helps them to some extent, some of them do have an envy-inducing skin, naturally.

Most of the celebrities have skin care experts by their side, giving them professional advice on how to take care of their complexions and make themselves look amazing!

As laymen, we would not be aware of certain skin care tips and ideas that can up our beauty quotient to a considerable extent.

And most of the times, we cannot afford to visit some high-end saloons and get an expert advice on skin care.

But still, we do yearn for that celebrity-like glowing complexion. Skin care is not really a simple affair; and we have to invest some time on it.


Tip #1

Certain research studies have claimed that regular consumption of dairy products can induce acne in your skin. So, if you are prone to acne, try to avoid dairy products as much as possible.


Tip #2

If you have large, open pores on your skin, try exfoliating and toning your skin on a regular basis. Also, you can use a face wash that contains salicylic acid to help minimise the size of your pores.


Tip #3

Make it a point to change and wash your pillow covers, sheets and towels on a regular basis, if you want to avoid skin conditions like acne, pigmentation and whiteheads. There is a lot of bacterial build-up and dust on these items that may harm your skin.


Tip #4

If you have a dry skin, avoid washing your face too frequently and use a mild face wash. Ensure that you moisturise your face after every wash.


Tip #5

Use a sunscreen, even if it is cloudy outside. Many people tend to avoid using sunscreen if the weather isn't too sunny, but that does not protect their skin from the damaging UV radiations.


Tip #6

Ensure that the skin products you use are fragrance free, as products with an artificial fragrance can cause more allergies and undesirable side effects in some people.


Tip #7

Always opt for herbal products or natural skin care remedies, rather than chemical-based ones, as they are less harmful and come with no side effects.

Following a regular skin care regime is very crucial to attain a clear, healthy complexion.

In addition, one should also follow a clean diet and maintain proper hygiene, in order to improve the skin's health.

Boldsky gives you a list of tips that are suggested by skin care experts, which can give you an amazing complexion. Here you go!

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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