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7 Beauty Secrets From China That Every Girl Should Know

As we all know, every country has its own varied culture that has been followed by its people since times immemorial. Certain traditions, practices and ideas are unique to particular countries.

For example, the tradition of wearing a dot or a bindi on the forehead can be seen only on people, specially the ladies, from India and no other country.


Similarly, there are various things each country holds that the rest of the world may not be aware of.

However, there is one common idea shared by most of the world, which is the importance given to beauty.

Yes, most people around the globe yearn to look attractive and presentable, and that desire is only natural.

Different countries have followed certain beauty regimens and have passed them on to the next generations.

Now, we may have observed that people from the Asian countries like China and Japan have flawless skin and they appear much younger than their ages!

This is because they follow certain lesser known beauty regimens that the rest of the world may not know of.

So, today we shall share with you a few beauty secrets from China that can help you look impeccable and youthful!


1. Rice Water

Chinese women soak rice grains in 2 cups of water, strain the water and apply it on their faces to tone their skin. Doing this is known to tighten their skin and give them a supple complexion.


2. Moong Dal (Green Gram)

In China, women use a face pack made from moong dal paste, on a regular basis. Moong dal is known to kill the bacteria present in your pores and it also reduces skin inflammation, thereby preventing acne.


3. Oyster Shell Powder

Oyster shell powder is a common Chinese skin care ingredient that can be ordered online. This powder is known to rejuvenate your skin cells, by providing nourishment, making your complexion brighter.


4. Green Tea

Chinese women are staunch believers of green tea. They say that green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, can improve skin's elasticity and prevent the early ageing signs of tissues, thereby reducing the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines.


5. Massage

Getting frequent body and facial massages can improve the blood circulation and keep your skin tight and supple, so Chinese women rely upon massages to stay good looking!


6. Mint Leaves

Chinese women swear by mint leaves to attain a lighter skin tone. They make a paste out of a few mint leaves and apply it on to their skin as a facial mask. Doing this is known to make their complexion fairer looking.


7. Turmeric

Turmeric is not only popular in India, but the Chinese use it for skin care as well! Chinese women say that turmeric has the ability to exfoliate their skin effectively and give them an even soft skin tone.

Story first published: Thursday, May 26, 2016, 10:51 [IST]
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