5 Natural Recipes For Instant Glowing Skin

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Natural or homemade recipes for skin care have become more popular these days because many chemical-based treatments include substances that often make your skin worse.

More individuals now than in the past are contemplating or using recipes for natural skin care because along with being conscious of standard treatment adverse effects these folks want alternative solutions that are totally safe, which can assist us in preventing or curing acne and acne scars, resulting in making our skin glow naturally.

Homemade and natural recipes supply treatment that numerous individuals favour, rather than using over-the-counter products.

There are various homemade recipes that offer a natural treatment for varying levels of acne, helping folks to prevent the chemical treatments and OTC drugs that often cause serious side effects in the body.

So, let's take a look at few very effective natural recipes for the skin that will give you a glowing skin in just a few days.

Fresh Lime Juice + Groundnut Oil:
This can be used daily to prevent blackheads and pimples. Combine equal amounts of fresh lime juice with groundnut oil and apply it on to your face. Wash this mixture off after 15 minutes using warm water.

Homemade Recipes To Get A Glowing Skin

Honey + Cinnamon Powder:
Another of the many recipes for this affliction that will yield you a clear complexion within fourteen days is to make a paste combining honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this to your face every evening for fourteen nights just before bed and remove it the next morning with warm water.

Homemade Recipes To Get A Glowing Skin

Fresh Mint + Cucumber Juice:
Dab your face with fresh mint juice mixed with some cucumber juice each night. Cucumber juice applied on to the skin will help keep the skin cool and glowing.

Homemade Recipes To Get A Glowing Skin

Lettuce + Carrot Juice:
Combine lettuce and carrot juice to make an excellent external application. This natural recipe will not only hydrate your skin but will also make it glow.

Homemade Recipes To Get A Glowing Skin

Citrus Fruit Juice + Water:
Recipes for natural skin care include citric fruit juices like lemon juice. A natural exfoliate, fresh lemon juice removes old skin debris and cleans your pores. Simply apply fresh lemon juice on your face using cotton balls and rinse it off after 10 minutes with cold water.

Homemade Recipes To Get A Glowing Skin

Apart from all of the above mentioned recipes, drink eight to ten glasses of water daily, workout, eat appropriate nutritious meals and follow a good skin care regimen to get a clear and glowing skin.

Story first published: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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