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8 Makeup Tips For An Acne-prone Skin

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Whether it is little, everyday makeup or makeup for any occasion, girls like having makeup on all throughout the day. However, while doing makeup, you must know your skin type.

If you have an oily skin, you should choose your makeup products that don’t cause acne and pimples. Yes, oily skin is acne prone.

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Acne is the result of too much of sebum production by your oil glands. Applying makeup can clog your pores and make the situation worse.

So, what are the makeup tips for an acne-prone skin? Your aim must be to keep the acne problem minimal to look good. To look gorgeous with a flawless skin, you should be careful while choosing your makeup products.

By following makeup tips and tricks for an acne-prone skin, you can look beautiful in any occasion. While buying foundation or concealer, you should check the type of skin it is most suitable for.

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If it is marked for an oily skin, buy it. One of the most important makeup tips for an acne-prone skin is to check whether the products are non-comedogenic or not, which means they don't clog your pores.

Here you’ll get some more effective makeup tips and tricks for an acne-prone skin. Go through the methods and get a flawless skin easily. Share these with your friends too.


1. Use Clean Brushes:

Using hands can cause bacterial growth and also increase more oil secretion. Always use clean brushes and sponges to apply makeup. Thus, the products will blend well and they won't clog pores and cause acne.


2. Keep Your Brushes Clean At All Times:

One of the best makeup tips and tricks for an acne-prone skin is this one. If you don't wash your brushes regularly, the bristles will be filled with the remaining makeup and dirt, which further cause enough sebum secretion while you use your brushes again. To keep acne at bay, wash makeup brushes thoroughly.


3. Check The Components:

Never buy any makeup products without checking on their components. See levels and if you see that it is marked as paraben-free, non-comedogenic and sulphate or oil free, buy it. Never buy a product that contains coconut butter, lauric acid, lanolin oil, isopropyl isostearate, etc.


4. Apply Lighter Strokes:

If you want the best makeup tips for an acne-prone skin, be light and gentle while applying makeup on your skin. Apply small and light strokes to prevent breakouts. Being harsh on an acne-prone skin can further aggravate the problem.


5. Take Time:

Yes, makeup for an acne-prone skin is little time consuming. After applying the first coat of foundation, wait for a few minutes. Let the makeup sit well and then apply the second coat. Thus, you can get rid of the dullness and it won't cause any irritation either.


6. Use Matt Products:

While looking for perfect makeup tips for an acne-prone skin, this tip will help you. Use matt products, especially while applying a concealer. Any brightening product will only highlight your problem area, though you can use brightening products under the eyes.


7. Use A Primer:

If you have an acne-prone skin, then a branded primer can solve your problem while doing the makeup. It will cover any acne marks and redness, and give your skin an even tone by hiding your blemishes. Buy an oil-free primer that will keep your makeup in place.


8. Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed:

These are some useful makeup tips for an acne-prone skin. You can follow all these, but if you forget to remove your makeup before going to bed, nothing can stop you from getting more acne and pimples. So, always remove makeup, drink enough water and then go to sleep.

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