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Fleshy Fruits That Make Pimples Vanish

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Acne is one of the main problems which is faced by 90 percent of the youth. To get rid of acne the only solution you will need is home remedies.

Acne leaves behind terrible scars which makes the skin look and feel ugly. Therefore according to experts the only solution to solve this problem is to turn to natural ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables are the best so far in treating acne since they have a ton of properties in their juice which helps to treat the acne from the root.

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Fleshy Fruits That Make Pimples Vanish

All you need to do is massage the juice and the pulp of certain fruits and vegetables directly on the affected skin to solve the skin problem.

Today, Boldsky provides to you 5 amazing fruits which you can use on the skin to get rid of acne. In turn, you will also notice that these fruits will help to make the skin feel better. So read on to know more:


Apple: Green apple is considered to be the best since the juice of the apple contains acidic properties. Grind to Paste one green apple and use the pulp as a face mask. This treatment should be used twice in the week to solve the problem.

Green Grapes:

Green Grapes: Green Grapes too have acidic properties and the pulp of green grapes should be directly massaged on the acne affected area. Allow the pulp to dry and then peel it out.

Orange Pulp:

Orange Pulp: Peel the skin off from each of the orange pods. Now squash the pulp onto the skin while you massage it on the pimple. When done, rinse your face with rose water to give you a better and refreshing feeling.


Strawberry: Strawberries are high in vitamin C. Therefore they are good for the skin. All you need to do is make a paste of strawberries and milk and massage the skin with it. Do it twice in the week to see accurate results.


Pear: The last and the best fruit pulp to treat acne is pear. The fruit has vitamins which help to cleanse the skin from deep within solving most of your skin problems.

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