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7 Best Vegetables To Use On Your Face For Clear Skin

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Clear, glowing skin is everyone's dream. Although very few people are actually blessed with that perfect skin, they are just lucky that way, for the rest of us, there are vegetables to use on the face to get clear skin.

We all expect the teenage skin problems like acne to go away as we age to our twenties. But, of course, acne affects even adults. And, ageing brings along a host of other skin problems like enlarged pores and loose skin.

But for all of these problems, most of the answers lie in your kitchen or your refrigerator.

Did you know that using vegetables for your face is a really safe option? Well, yes they are, as they don't irritate the skin at all.

The best part of this is that vegetables are so inexpensive when you compare them to the rest of the options available for clear skin.

So, here is a list of all the vegetables to use on your face to get rid of any imperfections.

These home remedies may be slow, but they are definitely effective. So, just be patient and try them on regularly.


1. Tomato:

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and have a light acidic content. This helps lighten the skin tone from a tan and even helps in fading dark spots slowly.


2. Lemon:

Lemon juice is the strongest natural bleaching agent. Use plain lemon juice on your face or mix honey with it to add an exfoliating effect. The best way to do this is to pour a few drops of honey on to a half-cut lemon and rub this all over your face.


3. Cucumber:

Cucumber is the best bleaching agent for people with a really sensitive skin. This cools down the skin. Plus, cucumbers are natural toners and help shrink the size of pores. That's how you can use a vegetable for clear skin.


4. Potato:

Potatoes have minerals and vitamins which when used on the face can really help get rid of all dark spots. This is a perfect vegetable to use for clear skin.


5. Beetroot:

If beetroot is used on the face regularly, it lends a very natural-looking pink flush to the face. This vegetable for clear skin can work wonders for you, once you try it on.


6. Carrot:

Carrots can be used as a cure for acne and blackheads on sensitive skin due to its rich content of vitamin A. So, try this healthy vegetable for clear skin.


7. Garlic:

Garlic may be really pungent, but it's ability to fade away dark spots is almost miraculous. Garlic also protects the skin from sun rays and free radicals. It is the best home remedy to provide you clear skin.

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Story first published: Friday, September 16, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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