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10 Natural Ingredients You Can Use As A Lip Balm

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Chapped lips are everyone's enemy, don't you agree? They are really painful, but apart from that, they look really bad. They can even make application of any kind of a lipstick really difficult. Fortunately, there are certain home remedies for cracked lips that could really help you deal with this problem.

Not that we don't like buying lip balms. Of course, we do. It's so much fun buying all the different flavours and colours that lip balms come in. However, we, sometimes, may also end up in losing a lot of those expensive lip balms as well.

So, what do you do when you can't find any of those lip balms and your lips are cracked and painful? Well, the answer is simple. You use home remedies to heal cracked lips! These remedies are great for even the worst cases of chapped lips.

And, even the people who have really sensitive skin can use these, as all of the natural ingredients for chapped lips are really gentle.

However, it is suggested that you always do a patch test before you try any new ingredient on your skin.

For those of you who have pigmented lips, these natural remedies for cracked lips are a great option to use, as they can even lighten dark lips to their original pink colour.

So, here are the 10 natural ingredients that you can use as a lip balm, take a look!


1. Honey:

Honey is a natural humectant. It acts as a natural conditioner to heal dry and chapped lips and even gets rid of dead skin cells easily. Plus, it tastes super amazing when used on cracked lips.


2. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is deeply nourishing and it penetrates deep into the skin. This is one of the best natural ingredients to use if your lips are severely chapped. Massage it on to your lips any time during the day. We love how it smells too.


3. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a really rich source of vitamin E, which is really important to nourish dry skin. You can find vitamin E to be an ingredient in many branded lip balms, so why not use this natural home remedy for dry lips, right?


4. Ghee:

Ghee, or clarified butter, can be used as one of the best natural ingredients for really dry, cracked lips. This would deeply nourish your lips because your lips would absorb the ghee and soften those lips.


5. Cocoa Butter:

Home remedies for cracked lips include ingredients like cocoa butter. Cocoa butter, a butter derived from cocoa beans, is used in a lot of branded body butters and remedies for dry skin. Use cocoa butter on your lips to soothe and heal them in no time!


6. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil can take the place of your regular lip balm, as it locks in the moisture all day long and yet does not feel waxy. This would leave your lips soft and supple naturally.


7. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is one of the richest and strongest oils. Apply this on your lips to heal really painful chapped lips. Be sure not to eat the oil accidentally though. This may cause stomach problems.


8. Almond Oil:

Almond oil is yet another oil that is a great source of vitamin E. Massage this on to your lips for those plump, supple and beautiful lips. This is exactly how you treat cracked lips at home


9. Butter:

Everyone has butter in their refrigerators. Butter is a really good quick-fix for bleeding, cracked lips. Trust us, your lips would heal within an hour of applying butter. That's how great this home remedy for chapped lips is!


10. Petroleum Jelly:

Good old petroleum jelly is the easiest and best home remedy for cracked lips. After all, this has to be the first actual 'lip balm' that any of us used as kids. Wasn't it amazing to see the sheen it provided to the lips?

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