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Why Indians Use Neem For Skin Care

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Indian women knew about the beauty benefits of neem since centuries. That is why it has become part of some beauty routines.

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But sadly, most of us seldom use neem for skin nowadays as we seem to trust the cosmetics more than the miracles of nature. Those who know the value of home remedies and their efficiency still trust neem more than the most expensive skin lotions.

Well, if you know how to use neem for skin problems, you will spend less on beauty products as your skin stays clear and healthy.

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In this post, let us briefly discuss how neem is good for your skin.


Benefit #2

Neem comes with natural anti-bacterial agents which combat acne effectively. Sprinkle few drops of milk in neem paste and try it on your skin for 5 minutes before washing.


Benefit #1

Neem leaves can do a good job in making your skin firm. Also, they can help in making your complexion look even. Use neem powder or paste as a face pack.


Benefit #5

Both black heads and skin spots can be handled with neem face packs. This is one of the benefits of neem juice for skin.


Benefit #4

Neem leaves can effectively combat those agents that age your skin faster. This way, neem can postpone your wrinkles too.


Benefit #3

Yes, neem can cleanse your skin too. The dust and the pollution can be handled well when you cleanse your skin with neem oil.


Benefit #6

Yes neem is also anti-inflammatory. So, it can treat inflammatory issues of your skin too.

Well, these are just a few. If you are aware of more benefits of neem please share your ideas with us!

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