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What You Need To Do Before A Facial!

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It is important to pamper the skin at least once a month. Experts suggest that facials are the best way to get rid of dry skin and cleanse large pores which give rise to acne and other skin infections. They also help in warding off any signs of ageing. Getting a facial done at home or at the salon doesn't make a difference. But, what you do before a facial tells a lot on the skin.

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Forgetting to cleanse the face before a facial will result in severe skin infections that can spread from the face to the neck and to the back and chest regions. To prepare for a facial, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Before getting a facial, it is important to remove every drop of makeup on the face; don't apply a moisturiser and don't pop any of those ugly looking pimples. By doing any of these things before a facial, it will result in a disaster.

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So, the question arises: what to do before a facial? Why don't you take a look at some of the skin care tips to follow in order to get that perfect look and glow post a facial treatment.



It is important to exfoliate the face at last a week before a facial. This exfoliation helps get rid of dry and dead skin on the face. Getting the skin exfoliated will also lead to positive results post the facial, as it will make the skin glow and look fresh.


Don't Forget Hydration

Staying hydrated is the key to protecting the skin from all harm. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will prevent dry and pale-looking skin. One should also cleanse or rinse face with water thrice a day. This helps in removing dirt and grime from the pores.


Cleanse That Face

Cleanse the face well before a facial. One can either use a homemade face gel or a mild soap to cleanse the pores. By following this tip, you will prevent skin infections after a facial.


Avoid Popping Those Zits

One should keep in mind that popping zits will only spread the infection causing more to develop. Popping pimples especially before a facial will give rise to bacterial infections. Thus this is one of the things not to do before getting a cleanup.


Forget Waxing

If you're into waxing the upper lip and chin, it is suggested you do it post the facial treatment. Removing the hair on the face makes the skin sensitive to touch and this results in damaging or tearing the skin before a facial.


Tie That Hair

To prepare for a facial, you first need to tie the tresses in a comfortable hairstyle. Make sure no hair falls on the face as the oils from the hair can mix with the skin oil giving rise to pimples and other skin problems.


Stay Away From Chemical Products

Before a facial, stay away from chemically treated products. The chemicals will interfere with the facial ingredients which might result in an ugly end.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 20:00 [IST]
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