7 Essential Beauty Products While Travelling

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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Suppose, you have a party to attend after office. Can you go there without any touch up? That will be very awkward. Who doesn’t like to present herself adorably? So, you need to travel with some beauty products in your hand bag.

Now, if you are going for a holiday, you want to look beautiful at every snap you take there. Imagine how you will look without a sunscreen at beach. So, to make the pages of albums vibrant with your presence, you must carry certain beauty products while you travel.

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These products may vary according to the travelling time. You need a sunscreen at day time, but a cleanser and moisturizer is needed always. These are some beauty products to keep with you at all times.

Also you must decide what look do you want? A professional lady or a happy-go-lucky college girl? Your makeup should be decided accordingly. If you are going to sea-side, you must carry waterproof beauty products. If it is a sunny place, take smudge proof and powder based products.

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See, if you remember certain things you can easily carry these 7 beauty products when travelling. Also remember that you are going to have fun on your holiday. So, don’t carry too much luggage as that can ruin your enjoyment. use a small bag to carry all the beauty products you need while travelling.

Now, if you are all set to begin your journey, carry these 7 beauty products when travelling-


1. Face Wash

When you think of the 7 beauty products when travelling, face wash comes to the mind first. Wherever you go, whatever the weather is, this can be the best friend of your skin. It helps you to get a fresh face within no time.


2. Sunscreen

One of the must have beauty products while you travel. Often people think that they don't need sunscreen when the weather is cloudy. Don't make such mistakes. Apply sunscreen on the exposed skin and enjoy a long drive in a rainy day.


3. Moisturizer

Are you planning to visit hill station this holiday? Then don't forget to take moisturizer in your hand bag. The cool breeze cannot make your skin drier if you build a shield of moisturizer on your skin.


4. Lip Balm And Lipstick

One of the most important beauty products while you travel. You can't have pictures with chapped and pale lips. To moisturize your lips you can carry coloured lip balms. That will serve both as a balm and lipstick. Or carry your favourite lip colour and do touch up when needed.


5. Eye Liner

Carry these 7 beauty products when travelling and include an eyeliner among those. You can't ignore your beautiful eyes. So, an eye liner must be included in your makeup kit while travelling. Try to use water proof and smudge proof eye liner to have dark eyes for long time.


6. Compact

Very necessary while travelling. With one touch of the puff all your spots can be covered and you can have a flawless look. If you are at an after office party, compact is the most important thing to hide your tiredness and puffy eyes.


7. Perfume

Have you taken every beauty product you need while travelling? Now, add your favourite fragrance into it. You can't attend any social gathering or holiday trip without carrying a perfume. The aroma can uplift your mood and prevents awkward situations.

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