How To Detect Expired Beauty Products

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Is it safe to use expired beauty products? Not at all; using expired beauty products is the biggest risk you can ever imagine. Such products may cause skin allergies and irritation. In some cases, redness and inflammation may also occur.

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In fact, headaches and spots can't be ruled out if you use a product which has already expired. Well, often we don't check the expiry date of a product once it is bought.

Sometimes, the date of expiry may not be visible anymore on the product after you start using it. In such a case, is there any way to know whether it is still worth using?

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Of course, there are some other signs which indicate the expiry. Here are they...


Expired Products Look Dry

Using a dried out product means using an expired product. It may irritate your skin. If you spot dryness, it is advisable to stop using such a product.


Expired Products Show Cracks

If your products have cracks on them, it is better to buy new ones as it is a sign of expiry. Some of us have the habit of using foundation even when it is totally cracked!


Expired Products Show Spots

When bacteria and fungus generally breed on the surface of your products, they show spots and patches. Throw them away and get new ones.


Expired Products Change Consistency

If your product looks diluted or too thick and look different, throw it away even if its date doesn't indicate expiry.



The first indicator of expiry is of course its manufacture date. If the date indicates expiry, throw the product away as it is dangerous to use it on your skin.


Expired Products Change Colours

If the product shows a different shade, it might have expired long back. Never use it on your skin.


Expired Products Stink

Even if your product doesn't stink, if it smells differently, ask yourself why you should risk spoiling your skin by using it.

These are just a few signs of expired beauty products. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, October 12, 2015, 2:52 [IST]
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