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The Truth About Silky Hair Revealed!

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Your hair is your ornament. Nothing can make you look more fabulous than silky, shiny and healthy hair. But some of us have dry damaged hair. How to get shiny hair? Is it a genetic trait or is it only for the celebrities?

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Well, putting aside those are genetically gifted; let us talk about how to make hair silky.

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Firstly, dry hair is a result of lack of moisture or oils on your scalp. It may help if you look at what's sapping the moisture up there.

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Sometimes, the weather, sometimes it is the products you use. In some cases, it is the very nature of the skin and hair. Well, let us discuss the remedies for the problem. How to get shiny hair naturally at home? Read on...


Tip #1

Take the yolk of an egg and mix it with a crushed avocado. Apply it to your hair and wash after half an hour.


Tip #2

Crush a banana along with an avocado. Use that paste on your hair and wash it after 30 minutes. Your hair becomes soft in no time!


Tip #3

The leaves of hibiscus plant are healthy for your hair. They also prevent graying. Grind the leaves and apply the paste to your hair to make it silky. Wash after 30 minutes.


Tip #4

Crush a boiled apple and apply it to your hair. Wash your hair after 20 minutes. It is a good conditioning method.


Tip #5

Crush a banana and mix an egg white to the paste. Carefully smear it to all parts of your hair and wash after 30 minutes. It works!


Tip #6

If you hate to complicate things, simply smear egg white to your hair 30 minutes before your head bath.


Tip #7

Occasionally, massage your scalp with olive oil and apply some oil to the strands before you go to shower.


Tip #8

Henna is a hot favourite ingredient for many women. Just mix it with egg white and apply it to your hair.

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