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How To Use Beet Juice For Skin

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Is beetroot good for skin? Of course, yes and in fact many people use beet juice for wrinkles. This vegetable contains many nutrients that keep your skin healthy and also slow down the ageing process.

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Beet roots are packed with vitamin C, potassium, manganese, iron, fibre and folate. They prevent many health issues and also keep your skin fresh by enhancing blood circulation.

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Now, do you know that beet juice can also be used to treat acne, spots and dark circles? Well, it can also be used as a skin whitening agent. Are you wondering how? Read on to know about the advantages of beetroot for skin.



As beet juice contains vitamins and minerals like iron, it can help your skin glow. You can use this juice externally too. Simply wash your face with beet juice and see the glow on your skin.



Take 2 teaspoons of beet juice and add a spoon of yogurt to it and mix well. Smear this on the acne affected skin and wash after 10 minutes. Also, consume beet juice regularly.


Fair Skin

If you wish to brighten your skin, simply apply the mixture of beet juice and lemon juice on your face. Wash it after 10 minutes.


Dark Circles

If you are suffering from dark circles or puffy eyes, try applying beet juice on the affected areas every night before sleeping.


Hair Loss

If you are suffering from hair fall, try this remedy. Mix beet juice and ginger juice and apply it to your hair and scalp before head bath.



Applying a mixture of tomato juice and beet juice on your dark spots may help.


Dry Skin

If you wish to solve your dry skin issues, try this remedy. Mix beet juice, milk and a few drops of honey and apply it on your skin and wash after 10 minutes.


Ageing Skin

Apply beet juice to your skin as a face pack every weekend. This works well in preventing wrinkles.



Do you know that you can beautify your lips simply applying beet juice on them every night? Try this remedy.

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