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Why Brush Your Hair Regularly?

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Some of us hate brushing hair as it eats away valuable time in the busy morning schedule. But it is important to brush your hair to maintain it healthy and shiny.

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In fact, it is okay even if you seldom use shampoo but it isn't healthy to skip brushing your hair. So, there are some benefits of brushing.

At the same time, remember that over brushing is again not a good thing to do. Also, remember that brushing hair after shower may lead to hair breakage. This is because wet hair tends to be weak and vulnerable.

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If your morning schedule is too tight, brushing hair before bed may also work. Now, let us go into the benefits of brushing hair.


Benefit #1

Do you know that brushing is a cleansing activity? Yes, it cleanses your hair and scalp just like the way your shampoo does.


Benefit #2

Brushing can also clear dirt, impurities and acids from your hair and scalp. In fact, if you let the dirt accumulate, you may suffer itchy scalp later.


Benefit #3

Of course, brushing can stimulate your scalp and enhance the blood circulation there. Better circulation results in more oxygen and nutrients to your hair.


Benefit #4

Brushing can also stimulate the pores and oil glands on your scalp which is a good thing. This may protect your scalp and hair.


Benefit #5

Some sources say that regular brushing can enhance the health of your hair and make it look shiny. Your hair care routine should include both massage and brushing as both of these activities are a natural way to boost the health of your hair.


Benefit #6

The most obvious benefit is that brushing de-tangles your hair and reduces breakage. But of course, you must carefully brush without hurting the strands as they may break easily.


Benefit #7

Does brushing hair stimulate growth? Well, brushing can strengthen your follicles as it stimulates the blood circulation and also cleanses it well.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 4:07 [IST]
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