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Ways To Stop Skin From Ageing In Winter

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Winter Skin Ageing
In winter your skin ages 2 times faster than the rest of the year. Will you let this winter leave its cold ravages on your skin? Anti ageing tips for your skin assume greater importance in the winters because it is a rough weather for your skin. The dry skin that comes with the chill is responsible for the premature wrinkles on your face. You may be carefree at 18 when your skin produces lots of natural oils but as you start nearing 30 you need to be more watchful.

Here are some of the ways to stop your skin from ageing in winter.

7 Ways To Keep Skin In Winter Wrinkle-Free:

1. Exfoliating is one of the basic but primary anti ageing tricks for the skin. What is the first sign of ageing? Dark patches and rough skin. It means that dead skin cells accumulating on the surface and make your face look aged. Scrubbing your face removes the dead cells and fosters the cell renewal process making you look fresh.

2. Don't Apply, Rub: It is not sufficient to just apply moisturizers superficially on your skin during winters. You have to actually rub it in. Rubbing doesn't mean brazing your skin; you have to massage it with some force to make it sink in and also produce some heat under the skin.

3. Hydrate: You have to keep your self hydrated from within and without during winters. The dry skin on your face or any part of the body can be singularly cured by drinking sufficient water. Have a glass of water every hour in the winter months so that your skin shows the glaze of suppleness.

4. Sun Protection: Do not pack off your sun blocks in the summer compartment of your wardrobe. You need sun protection even in the winters. If you are going for a day trip or skying session, you have to apply sun screen lotion generously because nothing damages the skin more than the sun's UV rays.

5. Pay special attention to some areas of your face like under the eyes, around the nose, yours lips and your chin. Ageing of your skin begins in these locations. The first wrinkles on your face will always appear around your eyes. The skin on your lips is 5 times softer than your face. So take time out and massage these areas with extra cream on your fingers.

6. Do not shy away from a bath thinking that it will dry up your skin. Take hot baths followed by a cream massage. You can also try having an oil massage and then bathing to retain moisture in your skin.

7. You must have a special diet for winter that contains anti ageing nutrients like anti oxidants found in Vitamin C rich foods and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and flax seed oil.

Use these natural beauty tips to care for your skin in winter.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 13:16 [IST]
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