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Fix Dryness On Skin Between Eyebrows (Glabella Region)

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Skin Between Eyebrows
The skin between eyebrows is most of the time dry, pimple prone and flaky. It is the most highlighted region of the face and needs to be clear and soft.

The skin between eyebrows, in medical terms, is called glabella. It defines the shape of the brows and marks the centre point of the face. That is why the Indians wear a bindi to attract all the negativity of the onlooker.

This region on forehead sweats and causes pimples. Today, we will discuss on how to prevent and fix the dry skin on forehead. Take a look.

Fix Dry Skin Between Eyebrows (On Glabella)

1. If your skin is well moisturised after bath, you need to apply good amount of cream (about a pea size) on eyebrows too. This will prevent dry skin in and around the forehead. Also massaging glabella gently.

2. If you wear a bindi, cleanse the region well with cotton and cold milk (before going to bed). This will prevent wrinkles and age lines on forehead.

3. Poppy seeds can be mixed with a spoon of fresh cream or yogurt and scrubbed on eyesbrows and forehead. This will remove all the flaky skin and support the growth of new skin.

4. Vitamin E rich oil, almond oil or warm coconut oil can be massaged on regularly so that it prevents dryness and age lines on the regoin between eyebrows. Your brows will also be thick, black and shiny.

5. Oil scalp frequently and keeping it cool will also maintain the forehead acne free. Freeze fresh basil, asafoetida and mint water in ice tray and massage it often to prevent any kind of infection in the sensitive region.

6. To get rid of the hair on skin between eyebrows, massage a paste of turmeric and almond/sandal everyday.

Do don't the skin or apply makeup until the skin is free from acne. Skin bleach can also help to whiten.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 10:18 [IST]
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