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Sun Care Tips For Rainy Season

Sun care tips for most of us becomes optional in the rainy season. If you think monsoons are a time to stow away your sunblocks and soak in the rain, think again. Sunscreens are very much required even during the rains. It is just that your skins sun care needs are different in the rainy season. To understand your skins sun-screening options in the rainy season, you need to get a comprehensive idea about sun protection in general.

The SPF Factor:

SPF is an abbreviation we all read on the bottles of our sunblocks and leave it at that. Have you ever really wondered what SPF stands for and why there so much hue and cry about it? SPF is Sun Protection Factor which is a kind of rating for how long a sun care product is protecting you. There is a calculation behind it that works with a particular formula. If you get a sun tan in in ten minutes without any sun protection then a sun block that has SPF 20 will protect you for 200 minutes.

Types of Sun Screen

Different types of sun blocks are available for different sun protection needs. But, there are mainly two types of sun screens

1. The normal sunblock lotions that promise fairness, good skin and what not.

2. Water Resistant ones that will protect your skin even if you are soaked and drenched in water.

Sun Care in the Rainy Season:

If you follow a few simple skin care tips for the rainy season then your skin problems will go for a holiday.

  • It is crucial that you understand that the Sun does not vanish in the rainy season, it is only hidden behind clouds. The intensity of the sun's rays may be diminished but not absent. The heat of the sun if not the harsh light can still damage your skin. You will not need a SPF 40 product for the rains like you do in the summers. A SPF 15 will suffice as long as it is applied generously.
  • The rains have there most obvious connection with moisture and humidity in the air that will make you sweat. Firstly, an ordinary sun protection cream will be wiped away with the sweat and is no good for you. You need an non-oily option that will prevent sweating and also, the pimples that is an eminent result of the oil oozing out. So gel is your best bet here. Use a gel based product that will keep you fresh and protected.
  • You will need a highly water-resistant sun block in the rainy season because you stand a very high chance of getting wet in the rains.

Adapt to the different skin care need of your skin in the rains by following these easy tips.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 14:24 [IST]
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