How To Use Oxy Bleach On Face?

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Oxy Bleach
With Fem and many skin care brands offering oxy bleach, we thought of sharing a few ways to uses with the benefits of oxy bleach. Take a look.

When your skin looks pale due to pollution and UV rays, it indicates the lack of oxygen supply. Oxy bleach is a pre bleach cream which when used on skin liberates oxygen to the skin cells (process called oxygenation), energizes, nourishes and bleaches skin. Many beautician and skin experts suggest oxybleach and rate it as the best.

How To Use Oxy Bleach?
1. A pack of oxy bleach contains bleach cream, hydrogen peroxide and persulphates.
2. To start with, apply a pre bleach cream on arms for a patch test. Any irritation, inflammation and redness indicate not to use the product on skin.
3. To the bleach cream add a pinch of the activator. Mix well for 2 minutes and apply it on face (except the skin around eyes and nose)
4. After 10 minutes wash face with water. Do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion on the de-tanned face.
5. Use a good quality soap (free from harsh chemicals) to wash face.
6. Cleansing, toning, moisturising needs to be a part of the beauty treatment everyweek.

Benefits Of Using Oxy bleach
1. The additional cream called pre bleach cream prevent burning and prepares skin for effective de-tan.
2. Bleaches skin in 10 minutes and brings the unbelievable fairness.
3. The pricing is also reasonable.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 24, 2011, 14:18 [IST]
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