Is Gold Good For Skin?

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Gold For Skin Care
Often we find women dazzling in gold jewellery but how many know about the positive and negative effects of wearing this non reactive metal? Let's know more the effects of gold on skin. Take a brief look.
With the soaring prices of the yellow metal, one should be aware of the metal's impact on skin. Gold may be one metal which is popular worldwide, especially women and is also used in a lot of skin treatments (for wrinkles, skin glow, skin repair etc). Here is more on gold.

Is Gold Good For Skin Care? - Effects

Positive Effects:
1. Gold activates the cellular growth on the basal layer of the skin and brings back the elasticity. The elastic property of the skin helps in keeping the skin wrinkle free.
2. Gold prevents age spots, pigmentation caused due to sun damage. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Gold slows down the production of melanin.
3. It protects skin from pollution, smoke and also helps in giving an even skin tone. The yellow metal also reduces puffiness and the dark circles under the eyes.
4. It detoxifies the skin and imrpoves blood circulation thus making skin look clearer and glowin g like gold.

Negative Effects:
The Cadmium metal in KDM jewellery isn't very good for skin. The toxic fumes in cadmium can affect the skin and discolor the area.
Solution: Buying 22 carat gold or 916 kdm gold is safe for human skin as the cadmium in the metal is well soldered without compromising on purity. Cadmium soldered gold is 91.6% pure which is why it is called the 916 KDM gold.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 12:53 [IST]
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