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Gold Facial
Women, especially Indian women love gold and that is why the new trend of gold facials is catching up in India. You would think that in a time when gold rates are soaring so high who would waste gold for beautification? But things are different in the largest gold buying country in the world. It not just the rich and famous that are going for this type of facial but even an average homemaker aspires to it. Moreover, there is also the ancient connection of gold facial masks with Ayurveda that highly recommends it due to its benefits for the skin.

Either ways if you are going to shell out a sizable amount of money on getting such an expensive facial treatment then you deserve to know what you are in for. Here is a list of constituents and procedure for a gold facial.

1. 24 carat gold (both dust and foil)
2. Honey
3. Wheat germ oil
4. Sandalwood
5. Aloe Vera gel

As you can see from the ingredients that despite appearances this is basically a natural skin care procedure. Gold is a metal so all through the term invokes the feeling of a chemical peel, it is actually a natural mineral beauty recipe for younger looking and softer skin.

How Is A Gold Facial Done?

  • Firstly, the face and neck area is cleaned extensively with a strong natural cleanser like lime.
  • The obvious next step is to scrub to remove dead skin cells. This done with the help of cream comprising of honey mixed with gold dust.
  • Every type of facial has to include some time for a massage because the ingredients of the facial will not enter the skin and show their rejuvenating effects with out it. In gold facial the massage is done with a cream containing sandalwood, saffron and gold foil.
  • Next comes the unique feature of this type of facial, the face pack of gold. The face pack is a combination of Aloe Vera gel, turmeric and gold foil. It is the most important part of the facial because this is the time the gold foil melts due to heat and gets absorbed into the layers of the skin.
  • Some spas end the treatment here but there is an additional step that can be included after cooling off the facial skin with ice and lavender lotion.
  • A gold facial mask of honey and gold foil is applied and kept for about ten minutes before washing off.

Gold facials are done both for dry and oily skin with slight alteration in the ingredients used. However, they are famous for being very beneficial for dry skin. Gold has marked anti-aging properties so it is not advisable before 30 years of age. This royal treatment to your skin will have damages on your pocket. The price ranges from Rs 100 to 500$ so choose your salon or spa accordingly.

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2011, 14:22 [IST]
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