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No Shave November Special: 13 Popular Beard Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Keeping a beard is no easy task. It needs time, patience, maintenance and grooming. And while growing the beard seems like the most difficult job when it comes to keeping a beard, trust us maintaining a healthy beard is a much tougher job. And so, many of you guys who want to keep a beard usually avoid it. On top of that, there are various myths surrounding beards that we believe are true and that make us more reluctant to go for a beard look. And while you should be aware of what you are getting into when you decide you want to keep a beard, misinformation never really helped anyone.

These myths make keeping a beard seem much difficult than it actually is. So, today we look into the famous beard myths that you may have come across and debunk them. Here we go!

Myth 1. Shaving Leads To A ThickBeard Growth

We wish it were that easy! Most people tend to think that shaving is the way to a thicker beard. But, this is just not true. Shaving makes your hair look coarse and thicker as it cuts the thin hair shaft and the hair that grows out appear coarse due to the harsh edge as a result of shaving the hair. The crux of the matter is that shaving only gives the appearance of a thicker beard. Unfortunately, you need to explore other ways to promote thicker beard growth.

Myth 2. Your Beard Will Itch No Matter What

Oh no. That is definitely not the case. While we agree that your beard will itch in the earlier stages of beard growth, like until a month or so into the beard growth, it is not right to say that it will always be itchy and uncomfortable. Dry skin and rough beard hair are the main reasons for an itchy beard and these are the issues you need to tackle to keep your beard itch-free. And for that, you to groom your beard properly and regularly. Basically, you need to keep your beard moisturised.

There are many beard grooming products such as beard oil and beard serum that can help you with that.

Myth 3. Beards Are Not Ideal For Your Workplace Or An Interview

You need to trim your beard for the interview. How many times have you heard this advice? We say you don't pay any heed to it. This myth has become prevalent due to another beard myth which is that a beard will make you look shabby and you wouldn't want that, would you? So, what you need to do is to make sure your beard is properly groomed before appearing for that interview. In fact, your beard can make stand out from the rest of the candidates and thus can work in your favour.

Similarly, if you want to rock a beard at your workplace, keep your beard well-groomed and you need not worry about it not being ideal for the corporate environment.

Myth 4. It Won't Be Possible For You To Grow A Full Beard

Not true. The rate at which your beard grows depends on various factors, your genetics being a major one. And so, for some, it might not take that much time to grow a full beard while for others it might take as long as a year or more. So, you need to be patient with your beard. Don't lose heart if it doesn't happen in a few months. You will get there. Slowly but surely!

Myth 5. You Can Grow A Full Beard In A Couple Of Weeks or Months

Absolutely not. Growing a beard is a long process and the rate at which your beard grows depends on various factors and thus differs from person to person. While some might take 3-5 months to grow a full beard, for others it may take more than a year. You need to be patient to grow a healthy and full beard.

Myth 6. Beard Makes You Look Unattractive

We would like to disagree. While a shabby and an ill-kept beard is certainly unattractive, a well-kept and properly groomed beard can add a lot to your personality. Here we would also like to point out that many ladies, in fact, love a beard look rather than a clean-shaven one. Furthermore, have a beard makes you look confident and astute. So we say go for it!

Myth 7. You Need To Grow A Moustache As Well

Not true. It is not necessary for your beard to have a moustache. In fact, there are many popular beard styles such as a goatee, chin strap and chin strip that do not have a moustache and many people prefer these over the fuller and thicker beards.

Myth 8. Beard Will Make You Too Hot In Summers

Again, not true. Beards can be an element of relief during the summers. Not only does the beard protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun but it also makes you swear more underneath healthy the beard and this helps to keep the skin underneath moisturised and help you maintain a beard. Moreover, the beard also provides shade to your skin during summers and thus prevents suntan.

Myth 9. Beards Can Not Be Trimmed Properly At Home

Nope. Going to a barber is not the only way to groom your beard. You can easily and very well trim and groom your beard yourself at the comfort of your home. It would just need some time and practice for you to perfect it. Moreover, by trimming your beard yourself you can do it the way you want and save a few bucks at the same time.

Myth 10. Full Beard Is The Most Attractive

Well, if you believe this, you must not know about the various kinds of beard styles possible. There are many famous beard styles such as a goatee, chin strap, circle beard and boxed beard that are short and attractive. So, you can go for any of these short beard styles if you don't prefer a full and thick beard.

Myth 11. A Patchy Beard Will Remain Patchy

Once again, not true. Many a time we see patches in your beard that we think are going to remain the same and that keeps us from rocking a beard. But, you need to know that it is not necessary that a beard would grow evenly. These bald spots will cover up with time. So, be patient and until then use beard dyes or hair fibres to cover those patches.

Myth 12. Beards Are Dirty And Unhealthy

Many people have the perception that a fuller beard is usually dirty and gross. But that is not the case. Just like you need to wash your hair to keep it clean, similarly, you need to regularly wash and groom your hair. A well-kept and groomed beard will stay clean and fresh and enhance your look.

Myth 13. If You Don't Have A Full Beard In Your 20s, You Never Will

Fortunately, this is not true. Many of you in your 20s might be struggling with your beard growth and might think this is how your beard is going to be. Luckily for you, as you grow, your beard growth will keep improving. That means you can very well have a full beard growth in your 30s and 40s if not in your 20s. So, don't lose hope and keep trying.

Story first published: Monday, November 25, 2019, 15:02 [IST]
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