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Watch Dials That Suit Your Wrist

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Wrist Watch Dials
How do you usually choose a watch? By the band or the watch dial? Well, most of us look at the watch as a whole and then decide whether or not it would suit us. But, the choice is always a tough one when we know there are so many leading men's watches brands available.

Do you ever look at a brand and think whether it will suit you or not? No, because dial is the most important part in a watch. The leather band or chain can be changed but the dial is the core of the watch. Not all dials suit everyone's wrist. Here are the rules by which you should choose a watch.

Watch Dial That Suit You:

1. Big Bulky Dials: If you are a big bulky guy then a big bulky dial will look very much a part of you. But if you are a lanky or lean man, then your dial should be likewise. The latest fashion these days is to wear chain watches with humongous round dials. But if you do not have the bulk to match the dial, it will look out of the place.

2. Sleek Dials: You can call a watch dial sleek when it is exactly proportional to the band. The diametre of your dial is the same as the breath of the band. This is a reasonable choice for a moderately built man. Not too big but not too understated either.

3. Flat Dials: The size of your wrists matters just as much as your size as a whole when it comes to choosing a watch. You may have all beefed up arms but it your wrist is not broad, a big dial would not suit you. In that case, choose a flat dial instead of a bulky one. So, you can have a big dial that will blend in with your wrist.

4. Square or Round?: That is a tough one. Actually the shape of your dial will not make much of a difference to your watch. But if you want to go into a really deep analysis, then it depends on the lines of your body. If you are squarely built with squared shoulders and a more or less proportional waist, go for a round dial to break the monotony. If you have a bit of a rounded figure, choose a square dial to add some character to your form.

5. Single Tone Dials: These are basically the dials that are of the same colour as the band. Now you can either love it or hate it. Black on black for example looks classy and formal. White on white is casual and a bit loud. Very few people can carry single tone dials well. If you are one of them, go ahead and choose your watch.

Watch dials for men's watches are limited as compared to women. But that doesn't make the choice any easier. Do you have any other special men fashion tips to offer from personal experience?

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 13:42 [IST]
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