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5 Styling Tips For Balding Men

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It is quite surprising but true, most of the hot and happening celebrities of Hollywood are bald and know how to remain stylish. From Jason Statham to Vin Diesel to Chris Daughtry, till date are rated as the most desirable stars. Today, we shall suggest a few of their fashion secrets so that it will help all those who would want to keep the bald look and get handsome. Take a look.

5 Styling Tips For Balding Men

1. Some hairstyle tips – Those who are still on the verge of balding can prefer David Beckham's buzz cut. He trims hair too short. The hair is pointed in front and has sidelocks to add to the manly look. Ceasar cut is also ideal for balding men. The hair loss in front can be camouflaged with the surround hair.

2. For total baldness – Why worry to much on trimming or covering scalp with a wig, flaunt the neatly shaved head with pride, that's what most stars do. It is important to shave beard on face to match the hair free scalp. Many stars like Andre Agassi, Chris Daughtry, Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis follow the look.

3. What caps to wear? – Balding men can wear funky bandanas, baseball caps and cowboy hats. The bandanas make them look casual and cool, baseball caps make them sporty and cowboy hats give the rough, manly and wild appearance.

4. How balding men can style with clothes? - They can wear dry fit collection, soccer tee-shirts for the buzz look. For suits, they can prefer a totally shaved head. Sparkling studs to ears add to the look. The party wear (suit) that they choose needs to be more casual and trendy. They can experiment with colours.

5. Some more styling tips – For tall men, this is the best styling tips to follow as they look very action, rude and sluggish. Complexion doesn't matter to carry these styles as celebs like Will Smith and Prince William can easily carry the bald look. Balding youth can go for hip hop fashion.

One thing that men who have a terrible hair fall need to understand that it isn't a curse to be bald but an opportunity to look different.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 10:38 [IST]
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