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Choices Of Indian Clothing For Men

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Fashionable Indian Clothing For Men
Indian clothing for men could be a great alternative to the boring western formal clothes they wear on a regular basis. Is all the glamorous traditional Indian clothing just for the women to shine in? Has it ever occurred to you that women are blessed with so much variety even when it comes to formal clothes? Why is it that we don't have the same? Well the honest answer is that we too have these options; may be not as many as women do, but certainly many. We men, just don't avail these options because we are either too lazy to or too scared to. If you are in the first category then we can't help you but for the second category, here is what you can do to make Indian clothing for men your signature style statement.

Types Of Looks That Ethnic Clothing For Men Can Give You:

1. The Artistic Look: It is the famous 'journalistic look' good for media professionals. For making this variety of Indian clothing for men look trendy you don't have to do much. The cool long kurta with jeans look will never go out of male fashion trends. All you have to do is team up a cotton kurta in earth colors with a faded jeans and you are done. Accessorize this get up with a 'jhola' that is sack-like cloth bag. This is the quintessential look of the absent minded artist with an aura of mystery that will make women swoon over you. If you are tall and lean then that is an added advantage.

2. Indo Western Suits For Men: Why do you reach out for that same old blazer and your favorite every time there is an office party? Experiment the male fashion trends of indo western clothes. This does not come with the baggage the adjective 'traditional' that indian clothing for men has. Women can can carry of a heavy saree on official occasions without any raised eyebrows but for men life is not so easy. You definitely don't want to be called 'over dressed'. So choose an indo-western suit that is an improvised version of the age old jodhpuri suit. The top is typically short with a deep cut neck and raised collar. The pant has the cut of a normal formal pant but can be embroidered. This ensemble has the charm of being simple and the glamor of of ethnic clothing for men.

3. The Global Desi Look: Your casuals for Fridays does not by default mean t-shirts. Try wearing short kurtas that are very much in fashion. These designs are borrowed from Indian clothing for men but they are not quite altogether 'traditional'. Formal collars give these kurtas an air of semi-formality and if you are heavily built then they will tone off the extra pounds on you.

Ethnic clothes for men can be worn with penchant if you feel good about it yourself. So experiment with styles and look glamorous!

Story first published: Monday, August 8, 2011, 12:27 [IST]
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