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Why Is Using Lipstick Necessary?

On days we are too lazy to put on make-up, lipstick is the only cosmetic that comes to our rescue. Just applying a layer of the best shade of lipstick according to your skin tone can make a lot of difference in the way you look.

Lipstick has been used since ages to define your lips. Both vibrant and warm shades are available in the market today and it is not a tedious task to select a lipstick that suits you the best. But what many of you might have in mind could be why is applying lipstick necessary or is it really necessary to apply a lipstick. All your queries about the importance of applying lipstick will be answered in this article.

Below are some of the major benefits of using lipsticks or why is it important to include it in your beauty regime. Let us see what they are. Read on!

Hydrates The Lips

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Like any other parts of our body, our lips also need proper hydration so that they will look moisturised all the time. This will keep your lips soft thus preventing dry and flaky skin on them. Almost every lipstick that is available today has moisturising agents like vitamin E, argan oil, cocoa butter or shea butter in it that makes your lips look soft and plump.

Protects From Sun Damage

We use sunscreens on our face whenever we get out of the house to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Likewise, in order to protect the skin from sun damage, cosmetics companies have introduced lipsticks that have sunscreen infused in them. They help the lips from drying, tanning and other skin damages. Lipsticks generally have SPF 15 or higher in it that protect the lips.

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Brightens Your Smile

Wearing a lipstick will brighten your smile. You just have to be careful about what colour you'll use. You can go for cool colours like purple, dark red, blue, etc., if you want to reduce the appearance of the yellow tint on your teeth. It is recommended not to choose any warm colours if you wish to brighten your smile as warm colours can make your lips look very subtle and natural.

Defines Your Lips

Did you know that applying lipstick can actually make your lips look very defined? Yes, you read that right. Wearing lipstick can help in defining the lips and make them look fuller and plump. Being one of the most important facial features, lips draw all the attention most of the time. You can either make your lips look more fuller or thinner with the lipstick according to your preference.

Enhances The Eyes

Just like how lipstick helps in brightening the smile, it also helps in enhancing the beauty of your eyes. So if you want your eyes to stand out completely then applying lipstick would help a lot in doing the right job. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is to use the right colours based on the colour of your eyes. Whether you have black or brown eyes, you can try out different lip shades and pick a colour that makes your eyes pop.

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