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Make-up Rules To Follow If You Wear Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lens can make you look both trendy and beautiful. But along with it comes other issues that can bother us to a great extent. Do you face issues with wearing makeup because you wear contact lens? This might be one of the major issues faced by people who wear contact lenses. So here are some tips that all of you can follow from the next time you wear contact lenses.

Some common issues faced by people who wear contact lenses are blurry eyes, itching and redness of the eyes. On top of that, wearing makeup might seem to be a hideous task for most of us. However, following the below tips will show you the right way to wear makeup.


Do Not Use Oil-based Makeup

Before doing any makeup on your face, it is important that you clean your hands. This is to get rid of the bacteria in your hand that will cause infections and irritations on your skin. When you buy your makeup products make sure that you choose oil-free eyeshadow, eye pencil and foundation. Makeup products that have an oily base might spread to your eyes and cause irritation. You can buy water-based foundations that will help in the ease of applying.


Wear It Before You Apply Makeup

Always make it a point to wear your contact lenses before applying any kind of makeup. Your eye makeup has the chances of smudging if you put on your makeup before wearing contact lens. Therefore, wearing lenses before makeup will help the lenses to settle down before you start applying the makeup.


Go For Daily Lenses

If you are someone who wears makeup every day then it is better for you to go for daily wear lenses. This is because it can be harmful to your eyes to rewear the lenses with so much makeup around. So it is recommended to use daily lenses so that you do not have to use dirty lenses that can cause infection in the eyes.


Apply Eyeliner Carefully

If you are wearing lenses then it is sure that using eyeliner on the waterline or lashes can lead the eyeliner to smudge and spoil the lens. Thus make sure that even if you apply eyeliner do not apply it anywhere near the lens in order to prevent it from getting infected. Also apply it after wearing the lens as mentioned before.


Choose The Right Mascara

While wearing mascara make sure that you choose a water-based mascara so that it doesn't smudge and spoil your lens. Fibre-based mascara has the chances of falling into the eyes and spoiling the eyes further. So if you are wearing a lens make sure that you choose the right mascara in order to protect the lens.


Take Off The Contact Lenses Before Removing Makeup

One important point to keep in mind is that if you use lenses it is essential to keep them away from water and makeup particles. Always make it a point to wash your hands thoroughly and remove the contact lenses before washing off the makeup. This is because rubbing your eyes with the lenses on can lead the makeup particles to enter the lens and further damage the eyeball.

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