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3 Common Makeup Problems With The Smartest Remedies

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Makeup problems do happen and are unavoidable. During the course of makeup, the popping of these problems is disturbing and it slows the effort. It's not only you, all women face makeup problems and thus, it is important to learn about their remedies.

Today, we present to you three of the most common makeup problems that are troubling most of the women out there.

Each makeup problem discussed here is backed with a remedy that you can try. Trying these makeup remedies will shorten your alloted makeup span and make you look pretty in a shorter while.

makeup problems and remedies

Makeup Problem #1: Leaking Of Lipstick

Don't be embarrassed, there are several women out there who face the same problem. Leaking of lipstick takes away the lip makeup completely, making one look dull and gloomy.

The remedy to this would be to immediately keep a candy in your mouth. The candy secretes sweet juices, which keep your mouth hydrated and busy. The tongue plays with the candy inside, while your lipstick remains intact.

makeup problems and remedies

Makeup Problem #2: Watery Eyes During Eye Makeup

Whether you are applying kajal, eyeliner or an eye primer, the eyes can get watery and that does not let you keep your eyes open. Yes, we have all faced this issue!

The remedy to this is a cotton bud. Take the bud and place it very carefully on the corner of your eyes (nose side). The cotton absorbs the extra water of your eyes and you can keep your eyes wide open, all set to do the rest of the eye makeup.

makeup problems and remedies

Makeup Problem #3: Clotting Of The Foundation

Often, it happens that foundation gets cluttered on the fine lines of the face and is a complete blunder.

The remedy to this is to provide a good makeup base to spread the foundation on. Make sure to use a good primer before the application of a foundation. Try going for a silicon primer, as the first applicant or base of your makeup, and then the scope of cluttered foundation will be gone forever.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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