How To Prevent Your Makeup From Melting

By: Rima Chowdhury

Thanks to all the waterproof cosmetics in the market that help to keep your makeup in place and prevent it from melting even in hot weather. You might be spending a lot of time to conceal those blemishes on the face and even out your skin tone, but what happens after you step out on a hot summer day?

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The moment you step out, your makeup starts dripping from your face and it ends up giving you a scary look. Rather than ending up in looking like that, here are a few tips that will prevent your makeup from melting.


1. Include Primers

In order to prevent your makeup from melting, you should never forget using primers. Adding an extra layer of the foundation on skin can help to hold the makeup properly and prevent it from melting. Primer makes an excellent base for the rest of the makeup to stay on face. Of course, you can use a BB or CC cream along with a primer to make your face look light and flawless.


2. Use Ice

Before you put on your makeup, make sure you apply some ice on your face. You should use ice on your face, as this will prevent your makeup from melting in a hot weather. Blot it dry and then start applying the makeup. Applying ice on the face before makeup might sound like a weird idea, but this surely works, as it helps to close the pores and also hold your makeup in place for a long period of time.


3. Always Keep It Light

You should always keep your makeup light and heat friendly. Choose light-weighted foundation, so that it does not clog your pores and stays longer on the face. You can also choose sheer foundations, as they may go longer in summer days. Stay away from a lot of creamy or thick-textured products, as they will glide off easily, thus leading to the melting of makeup. A light base cream, a mascara, and a bronzer will work beautifully on a dry summery day.


4. Go With Waterproof Makeup

One of the biggest mistakes that you commit while buying cosmetic products is not picking up the waterproof formulas. Waterproof formula is one of the best formulas that can help to keep your makeup in place. You should especially pick up a waterproof mascara, a waterproof eyeliner and a waterproof foundation to prevent your makeup from melting.

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5. Stay Away From Oil-based Cosmetics

No matter how much you love them, always stay away from oil-based products, in order to enjoy that long-lasting makeup look. In case your moisturiser, foundation, toner or cleanser has oil in it, it will surely make your makeup bleed and melt in sometime.


6. Avoid Liquid Cosmetics

As much as possible, you should avoid liquid cosmetics. You should make sure you avoid thick-textured liquid-based foundation, creams or primers on face. It is very hard to put on the liquid foundation in hot summer days because the makeup melts easily. You should typically avoid using liquid eyeliner and lip gloss in the summer season, as they will tend to bleed very quickly. You should also give a miss to cream-based eye shadows and blushes.


7. Use More Of Blotting Papers

In order to avoid your makeup from melting down, you should make use of blotting papers. These are papers that help get rid of the excessive oil that gets accumulated on the T-zone, which is one of the primary reasons for the makeup to melt. You should carefully blot your forehead, the T-zone area and your nose.

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