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Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup Tips

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Everyday makeup looks should be light and easy to do, rather than something really heavy. You want the makeup you put on a regular basis to be comfortable and something that lets the skin breathe. Putting on layers of foundation can be really difficult for everyday wear. Easy everyday makeup tips can be really helpful in such cases.

Applying heavy makeup everyday is not only extremely difficult, it is also harmful for the skin. Excessive makeup can clog pores and cause breakouts, which in turn would only make you use more makeup.

But, you need very few products for an easy everyday makeup look. And most of them are multipurpose products. With these makeup tips for everyday looks, you'd look fresh all day long, without having to pile on layers of products.

easy everyday makeup tips

Excessive makeup tends to start looking bad by the end of the day, because of many reasons, like oiliness of the face, or dust and pollution. This leads to melting foundation, eyeliner coming off and your eyes looking like panda eyes and mascara goop on your eyelids. So, here are some quick makeup tips for everyday wear.

Use a BB cream instead of foundation: BB creams are a lot more lightweight than foundations and tend to do a multitude of things all at once, like prime, moisturise, provide coverage and sun protection.

easy everyday makeup tips

Opt for a cream blush instead of a powder one: Cream blushes are more pigmented and look a lot more like a natural flush on the face. So for a healthy pink glow, go for a cream blush or even a cheek stain.

Eyes- Do not go for a full fledged eyeliner. Instead, just tightline your upper water line and then swipe on 2-3 coats of a waterproof mascara. The tightlining makes it look like you have naturally thick eyelashes. Tightlining the eyes is a really handy and easy everyday makeup tip.

easy everyday makeup tips

Lips- For lips you could go for any shade you like according to your mood. We think pink cheek and lip stains look really fresh and pretty. But honestly, with this look, any lipstick works. In fact, the lips are where you can actually play up your look.

easy everyday makeup tips

Set- You could use a setting spray or a powder to set the look. Go for a spray if you want the finish to be dewy and a powder if you want it to be matte. Dewy looks are really in trend and look fresh and bright. Something you could really use in an everyday makeup look.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 15:43 [IST]
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