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Why You Must Own A White Nail Polish In Your Makeup Kit

When it comes to buying your nail polish, there are too many determining factors. Starting from your personal preference, complexion to where you will wear the nail polish - there are simply too many determinants when it comes to buying a nail polish. Yet, there are some nail polish colours that are a must buy for every woman. For example - the red nail polish.

benefits of white nail polish
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Like this, another nail polish that today's fashionistas are buying and you cannot miss trying out is - the white nail polish. We recommend you to buy a white nail polish because it has versatile roles and benefits.
The benefits of white nail polish go beyond the nails and hence it becomes a must buy. Take a look, as we enlist all the roles of a white nail polish in your makeup kit.

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French Manicure

When it comes to the French manicure, there are only two colours involved - transparent and white. Combining these two colours on the nails, a very neat and feminine look is achieved on the nails, making it an all time wear.

So, when you plan to go for a French manicure, white nail polish is one of the foremost you need. The benefit of white nail polish in French manicure is it makes the nail tips crisp white while the rest remains naturally glossy with the transparent colour.

Treating Skin Tags

When it comes to treating skin tags at home, asphyxiation is an effective way which needs only two ingredients - nail polish and gauge. As the chemical content in white nail polish is lesser, it is better to use it in the process of asphyxiation. Coloured nail polish might react on skin tags, the chance of which diminishes in case of white nail polish.

As Part Of Nail Art

Ladies nowadays are opting for nail art. In nail art, the white colour plays an important role. When the white colour is used on the nails, all other nail art colours and props stand out. The white nail polish can be used only on the tip of the nails (like French manicure), or to make elaborate designs all over the nail.

A Perfect Base Coat

When applying a dark coloured nail polish, many times it does not turn out very bright. For those times comes in the role of white nail polish, that can be applied as a base coat. When white nail polish is applied as the base coat on the nail, the other dark colour becomes more prominent. So, using white nail paint to form the base for other nail colours, is another benefit of a white nail polish.

Toe Nail Whitener

Due to maximum exposure to dust and dirt, our toe nails become very dirty easily. Here the remedy is to use a white nail polish only on the tips of the toe nails (like French manicure). This makes the feet look very clean and feminine. This is also less time consuming as you don't have to coat the entire nail; but only limit it to the tip of it.

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