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15 Make-up Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Eyes

By Shabana

Make-up is an art and a lot goes into it. Right from the technique to the products used. Women love to do make-up on their faces for that special occasion. But do we consider what we are making our skin go through during a make-up?

Make-up is unnatural to our skin. That is why using the right products is very important. The techniques of applying make-up have to be perfect using the right tools.

make-up mistakes

With so many things to remember, something is bound to go wrong. We often make a lot of mistakes while applying make-up, though they can be avoided by taking a few preventive measures.

While applying make-up, we often love to highlight our eyes using various products. Little do we realize that make-up on our eyes is actually damaging to them. Our eyes and the area around them are extremely soft and sensitive. Using chemical products can cause irritation to the eyes, making them water or swell and can cause dark circles around the eyes.

There are a lot of things we may be doing wrong to our eyes without realizing. Here is a list of 15 mistakes to avoid while applying make-up to our eyes.

Applying Products Not Suitable For Your Eyes

This is the first mistake everyone makes when it comes to applying make-up to eyes. Make-up products generally contain a lot of chemicals. So make sure to use products which are specified to be safe to use around the eyes.

Applying Mascara Before Curling

Always curl your lashes first and then apply the mascara. Doing the other way around will severely damage your lashes and even break them. The mascara may stick to the curler and give you clumpy lashes.

Applying Heavy Foundation To Your Eyelids

Eyelids are very delicate and using foundation on them will make them look cakey and heavy. Also, the foundation can seep in your eyes, causing them to sting and burn. Stick to an eye shadow primer if you want long-lasting eye shadow.

Incorrect Usage Of Fake Lashes

Long and fake eye lashes are trending right now. But it is very important to use good quality eye lashes as they will burden your eye lids and make them swell, which definitely isn't pretty. Take the help of a professional if required. Also, use a good adhesive which is labelled safe to use around the eyes.

Using The Lash Curler The Correct Way

Most women steer clear of using a lash curler altogether for this very reason. If it isn't used properly, it will really hurt your eyes. Using it too close to the eye ball may pinch your eyes and cause pain.

Using Expired Products

Replace your make-up products diligently to avoid any irritation or infection to the eyes. Also store your make-up products in a cool and dry place to make them last longer.

Applying Eye Liner On The Water Line

Most of the eye liners are not safe to be used on the water line. Use an eye pencil or kohl instead to avoid the eye liner seeping into the eyes. If you must, use the liquid liner on the lower eye lid and not the water line.

Using Fingers To Apply Make-Up

Our fingers may be the easiest tool to apply make up with, but they are not the gentlest. Finger tips can tug at the loose eye lash skin. Use soft clean brushes instead.

Wrong Make-Up Remover

Your regular make-up remover may not be safe to use around the eyes. So use a mild make-up remover or better still, use natural products such as coconut oil. Do not rub on the area aggressively to remove, rather take some coconut oil on a cotton pad and swipe on the area gently.

Use Of Powder Eye Shadows

Some eyes are very sensitive to even a grain of mineral powder. That is why, using a cream-based eye shadow may prove helpful in such cases.

Using Dirty Brushes

It is of utmost importance to regularly clean your make-up brushes and sponges to maintain hygiene. Brushes are a good place for residue build-up which leads to the growth of bacteria. It may cause serious infections otherwise.

Using Unnatural Products

Try to use products which are natural or paraben-free. They will suit most sensitive eyes and avoid the irritation and burning sensation. Your eyes will be grateful to you.

Not Removing Make-Up Before Sleeping

Eye liners and mascara can be difficult to get rid of, but that doesn't give you an excuse to not get rid of them before going to bed. If left as is, eye make-up can lead to infections. Using a good cleanser can make the process easier and convenient.

Not Washing Hands Before Applying Make-up

It is imperative to wash your hands even before applying make-up to disinfect them before touching your eyes.

Wearing Contact Lenses After Make-up

Always wear your contact lenses before applying any make-up to your eyes. This will lead to less chances of any product getting into your eyes. Also, make sure to use products which are safe for use by contact lens wearers.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 10:33 [IST]
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