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When Should You Change Your Makeup Products?

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Though the expiry dates on the makeup products show when you can throw them out, still some of the products should not be used after a certain period of time.

It happens to many women that they buy several products, but none of those are used much.

After all, you don’t need to apply a foundation, concealer, highlighter, etc, on a regular basis. So, when should you change your makeup products?

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You should always check your makeup products for the expiry date. You will find a jar symbol with numbers on it. It often signifies the time till when you can use the product.

It is very important to take care of your makeup products, so that those can serve you well. How often should you change your makeup products depends on the quality of the products.

The makeup brushes should be cleaned after every use and you should keep them dry.

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Yes, these products are quite expensive, but using the expired products will only cause several skin problems.

Some can be used for one to two years, whereas products like mascara or eyeliner must not be used for more than 2-3 months.

Many of you may not have ideas about how often you should change your makeup products. Read on to know more about how often you should change your makeup products.


1. Mascara:

If you ask, "How often should I change my mascara?", then the time limit is 3 months for a mascara. If you find your mascara has become cakey, don't use it. This can cause an eye infection.


2. Foundation:

Applying liquid foundation with fingers can cause a bacterial infection. It is always better to use a brush or sponge. Whatever you use, don't extend its usage for more than one year. To keep it well, store in a cool and dry place.


3. Eyeliners:

Whether it is liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, you can use it for three to eight months. Liquid eyeliners will be dry when it gets expired. Usually, eye pencils are used a lot. But, if the shade is not your favourite and someone has gifted that, gift it to others before one year.


4. Concealer:

This is one of those makeup products that is not used on a regular basis. So, be careful while buying it. Only buy if you have occasions to use it. Generally, a concealer must be used within 12-18 months of purchasing it.


5. Blush & Bronzer:

How often should you change your makeup products? Usually, these products can serve you for at least 2 years. But, if you keep them in a good condition, they can serve for a few more days. Always wash the brushes after using and don't use a dirty brush to pick the colour.


6. Lipstick:

Experts say that the chemicals in lipsticks only sustain one year after its manufacturing date. Keep your lipstick in a good condition for a long time by applying it with cotton swabs instead of applying it directly on to your lips.


7. Eyeshadow:

According to beauticians, powdered eyeshadows can last for two years, whereas cream ones must be used within a year. Keep the brushes clean, so that you can stay away from any bacterial contamination.


8. Lip Gloss:

If it is a lip gloss, change it within 6 months to one year. Try to use tubes as the small area won't let bacteria to build in there and cause an infection. And after a year, you can always buy a new one to avoid any effects on the skin of the lips.

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