What Happens When You Sleep With Makeup?

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More than learning about makeup techniques, learning to remove makeup makes more sense as makeup products could damage your skin in many ways if you sleep without washing those products away.

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They literally form a layer on your skin and this layer makes it hard for your skin to operate in a normal way. Also, your skin will gradually get damaged due to the chemicals that are present in the makeup products.

Skin experts say that sleeping with makeup on every single day may impact the texture of your skin in a negative way. In fact, problems like wrinkles and bacteria buildup may start troubling you if you don't wash your makeup every night without fail.

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In fact, the role of makeup is to cover certain skin issues and enhance the look of the skin. But if you sleep with makeup, your skin problems would multiply making it tough to even cover them up.

Now, let us discuss what happens if you have the habit of sleeping in makeup every night.


Your Skin Type Gets Affected

On rare occasions, you might reach home tired and exhausted. Its okay if you sleep without removing your makeup on such rare occasions. But if you make it a habit, you are committing the biggest skin blunder. This applies to all skin types. In fact, you may even see breakouts the next morning itself.


Foundation Can Kill Your Skin

Foundation could be your skin's enemy at night though sleeping with any makeup product on is bad, foundation is especially bad at night. Foundation could also impact your complexion and can also cause breakouts.


Eye Makeup Can cause Irritation

Both eyeliner and mascara can cause irritation when you don't remove them before sleeping. They also damage your eyelashes and may cause wrinkles on the skin around the eyes.


Lipstick Can Damage Your Lips

Yes even your lipstick must be removed before sleep as it could damage your sensitive lips. Lip products contain certain chemicals and wax which may affect the skin. Your lips may dry out faster.


Makeup May Clog Pores

The main issue with sleeping with any product on your skin is that they clog your pores. When pores are clogged, acne could be the first side effect. Clogging pores is like not allowing your skin to breathe naturally.


Skin Conditions May Worsen

Even minor skin issues can worsen if you sleep with makeup on. So, removing it makes sense in every way.


Your Face Will Look Dull The Next Morning

Everyday, you may wake up with a fresh face and glowing skin but if you forget to remove your makeup the previous night, you may wake up with a face with dull skin and lifeless look.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 9:27 [IST]
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