Quick Makeup Tips For Busy Women

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Being smart enough to look glamorous within no time is the need of the hour. We hardly get enough time to get ready and, hence, we must learn some quick makeup tips that will help us save a lot of time. Fast and easy makeup tips can help in saving most of our time, as the major part of it gets lost in searching for the makeup essentials to wear.

For all busy women who can't afford to spend enough time on makeup, now you need not leave the house with no makeup on. There are some simple and quick makeup tips for busy women.

These makeup tips can keep you up-to-date within minutes. This includes organising your makeup essentials, so that you don't hop over the things for a single lipstick or mascara. Your hair can also snatch a lot of your time, as you need to detangle them after a hair wash, this can take a lot of time.

In this article, we have mentioned some best quick makeup tips for busy women. Take a look at how to save time while getting ready in the morning.


5 Minutes Quick Makeup Tip

When there is no time for makeup, you can still look outstanding. Apply a face powder, blusher, concealer, lip gloss and you are all done. This is one of the quick makeup tips for busy women.


No Time To Wash Hair

For a fast hairdo use this tip. A quick hack to make your hair look fresh and oil free, especially when you have no time for combing and blow drying is to wash only the front portion of your hair with a shampoo in a sink.


Comb In The Shower

To prevent hair from getting tangled after a hair wash, comb your hair in the shower. Comb your hair when you have applied conditioner, at this time your hair is also soft. This will save much time to detangle your hair. This is an easy hair tip which saves your time.


Keep Your Things Organised

Keep your makeup essentials organised. Throw the old brushes, empty bottles and the things you use less frequently. This will prevent you from searching for that one item in the morning.


Use A Moisturiser + Sunscreen

Nowadays moisturisers are available with an SPF. In this way you don't need to invest separately on a sunscreen. It will moisturise your skin and nourish it. This can also serve as a perfect makeup base.


Use A Bold Lipstick

When you are in a rush and there's no time to even apply kajal, then go red! A red lip colour will give you a complete makeup look and there is no need to apply any eye makeup in such cases.


Play With Makeup

You must learn the art of playing with makeup, as there is no hard and fast rule to do it in the same particular way. Use multipurpose makeup products such as a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation. You can also put a little of lipstick on your face as a blusher when there's no time. You can do this once you reach your work place as well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 9:43 [IST]
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