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Make Up For The Indian Celebrity Beauties!

By Super Admin
"It is not her natural beauty. They must have donned too much make up to look good!" This is a statement that we often use as someone praise the beauty of a celebrity damsel. Let us discuss some make up tips that helps the much-appreciated Indian beauties Aishwarya Rai, Sania Mirza and Arundathi Roy to dazzle around the world.

The perfect Indian beauty

Can you guess the name of a lady who was praised for her beauty ever since her appearance on the public till date?

Yes, it is none other than Aishwarya Rai (aka Aishwarya Bachchan) with her defined features and accurate styles. Here are the most popular make up styles of Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwarya's recent appearance sees her in ironed out hair in slight waves, which is parted at the beginning of the face from the right side to the left. Her eyebrows are drawn into perfect and long arches. She chooses the medium coloured glossy lipsticks with a mat effect. Her sea green eyes are drawn elaborately at the upper lid, while the lower part of the eyes is slightly touched with mascara. Apart from the foundation, toner and concealer; Aishwarya avoids other facial make up creams during informal visits.

The sporty beauty

There came a girl in Indian sports who changed the common Indian myths that women in sports field are devoid of beauty. She is appraised for her glamorous appearance as well as her powerful strikes. Yes, she is none other than Sania Mirza, much acclaimed as today's youth icon.

Sania Mirza's beautiful appearance is well acclaimed for the careful and at the same time natural make up. This damsel usually appears with her hair let loose with a careless partition in the middle. Her eyebrows are unattended occasionally and she avoids the application of eyeliners. However matching foundation and concealers brightens her face up. She highlights her eyelashes with mascara and her lips are made sensuous with the careful application of lip conditioners and mild coloured lipsticks. She is upto the standards of fashion trends and her fashion accessories often get changed in accordance with the pulse of the time.

The classic beauty

When the Booker Prize for literature was announced in 1997 was announced, the Indian youngsters got a new persona to follow up in social life as well as style. The beauty of Arundathi Roy is the one any genius in India craves for. With her simple touch ups Arundathi Roy keeps her style alive at all times.

The curly hair (Be it long or in boy cut) of Arundathi Roy is never seen bound at any occasions. She never uses any foundation creams or basic coats in facial make up and her skin shows the natural oily glow. Her eyebrows are carefully trimmed and her eyes are beautified with natural kajal. A nose ring sparkles her nose and she always prefers to have a touch of lipsticks on her lips. Her accessories and attires get changed not according to the trend but with her tastes.

Each of these beauties has their own make up secrets. Which is your style? If you want share it, we welcome you to write to us!

Story first published: Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 13:52 [IST]